hello people im back with some announcement to people who WON THE SOTM and PEOPLE WHO REMOVE CREDITS!

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDITS! and if you wanna use my codes than please credit back here!
if you just edit to this and that... you are still using my codes so PLEASE credit back or else im going to slit your THROAT! *super pissed*
IF you see anyone using my codes and not crediting me please let me know
and oh yeah! before i forgot...

see this: ,

ive blog hopped like so many times and every time i go look at other blogs i see that checkbox, people been using it many times in their blogs and didnt not even credit me for it.. so if you happen to use it then please credit me.. i know you got that checkbox from my SOTD (skin of the day) skin "box of nice things" .... ive edited and created that checkbox
to all people out there... if you happen to see that checkbox at other blogs please let them know to credit me and give them my link

i just got an internet connection failure

congratulations to:
first place: Eggiinespiggy
second place: kiwicute
third place: switch-miko
fourth place: xoxolove-e and littlegurlxiaorene

we all know agnes's blog is soo kawaii, cute and unique designes we've ever seen although some rippers are trying to rip her codes

here is the banner for all who participated in this contest


If you wanna join just tag me in my tagboard
together with your REAL NAME , BLOG URL, and BLOG BUTTON URL
paste this banner in your site if you want to join:


at school

reason why i didnt update for the past days cause im doing a presentation or report on El Filibusterismo [kabanata 4]


buttons & H.T.M.U.B.N.

To whoever gonna read this:

TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS & listen to the music
let me know what you think song i get from frostipalace

here are the buttons that you requested
please credit me at your blog

for those who request 2 buttons please made up your mind and tell me which ones you like: comment here (click)
if you want a button please attach your blog url if you inserted a fake one then im sorry i wont do it:
like this: zxzx.blogspot.com that url was attached to Ms.YoYo who also wants a button but please next time put up your very own blog url



How to make your blog more nicer

your blogskin is super cute and has uniquess printed all over it (doesnt mean that it should have a texted word in your bg) means that its unique and made by you and isnt found in blogskins community
the way you write your blog (its content) writing in chinese is like cause only chinese people would understand
LAGGISH blogs are super annoying makes your visitors move away
So avoid using oodles of images
google ads or naffnag ads is also one way to lag your blog even if you think would make your blog more nicer.. well i say "hell no!" like people dread to make there ads disappear like in LiveJournal
POP UP welcome message is strictly a no-no

Is to have your own ideas & not copying others - this part contributed by: Agnes
Update often and make ur post interesting not boring - contributed by: Xiaorene


i think im gonna say it here.. uhmmm.. a lot of people keep asking me where i got this smilies like this: " " sorry but im not gonna tell you know why?? cause your blog would be the same as my blog and mine would lose it uniqueness and nobody wants someone to copy whatever is on there blog huh, now do you?

lets say if you start ripping others blogskin and say it yours well your the one who is a lot more of a trouble cause all you would recieve are bad comments and trash talks.... you dont want that do you so to all rippers out you better stop what your doing ...