yupx. im back with a new layout! & i love it. cause its sweet and simple
basecodes by siewmin as credited.. i dont know what to say here.. but i think this skin needs some tweak! please tag me if you got any suggestions about it..

anw ive changed my blog url to puremilky.co.nr revised from a japanese graphic website puremilky as credited..

please! i dont want to repeat this again!


btw about 123 post. i got the smilies from my tagboard at chocochoco and not from agnes
she already say so that my is the original and hers she edit it to make it pink and brown

i was thinking about submitting my previous blogskins My toastie Outlet and i just dont know if anyone would use it so ... tag me anw if you want it so i cant submit it at Blogskin

edited my PLUGBOARD!

finally ive edited my plugboard! WOOOTS! want to know how i did it? first of all i tagged agnes to how she edited her plugboard
she said that she cant explain it but she use input codes so then ive realized that cbox codes is also input codes then bam... huhu... dunno also what to explain but anw just study the cbox input codes and you'll know it

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