SOTM award and others

ive won 3rd place as SOTM aka Site Of The Month at Molly's site well.. its better then nothing huh

btw here are some cool japanese kawaii graphics website as reqested from magdalene

[these is what i know so far]

choco choco

anw. heres my version inspired by Molly

SOTM (Site Of The Month)
this is Site Of The Month Contest (June)
inspired by Molly

How to Join

1. Submit your url button size 88x31 in my TAGBOARD
2. I only accept blogger users to join, if you are also a blogger user but host your url in freedomain.co.nr still can be accepted
3. no wordpress or anything
4. If you'll win your button will be placed in my sidebar for the SOTM
6. post this banner in your blog if you want to join:

for more information please click the "Contest" at the navi's

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