another monotonous day at school.. hoho..

since our class advisory isnt still in SA the substitute teacher Mrs. G decided to hold the class offficers election.. its really fun and at the same time a lil bit edgy
well.. some say that i should vote...i rarely vote and just decided to keep quiet for a reason that
i dont know if he/she is really qualified for that position
i dont know if he/she can handle that kind of position and
i barely know him/her

hell yeah thats my reason.. votes dont grow on trees you know..

i remember some of my classmates position our: Class President is Janine, Vice P: Em-Em, Secretary: Mohamud (ps i dont know the spelling of his name hehe)
Muse: Emerald , Escort: Rodolfo
when emerald wins we all like wooo-ing. haha

uhhmm.. the others i dont know..

we go to the computer lab. and descuss about HTML's or web designing which is im pretty excited about.. Sir O told us that some aditional information he emailed it to us.. its really a wonder how internet this days can do to us..
some got like a really rad idea to what would the internet be in the next 10 years
some say that it would be free and one click only and it loads fast in a split second really cool ei? i wish that would happen

i can bare keep my eyes open the way Mrs. I teaches makes me want to sleep like no offense.

another reunion as usually with my best pals in section - diligent.. and btw diane just got here from the phil.

since there is no books yet available in the bookstore Mrs. A decided to let us write in a 1/2 sheet of paper, find 30 possible things into what we could do to a sheet of paper in an essay form..too bad i got 19 ways only
i remember that i come up with something like
"you could turn that paper to something like a wipe-ur-ass kind of paper"
"could make a good codigo to all cheaters"
really something fun makes my mind going and still finding ways to what could do to a sheet of paper

we had a little collage review about the english thing and what ive scored is such a shame

hazel went to our section and do magic tricks? like isnt that nothing out of the ordinary huh?

we copyed like so many chuck of words that filled the whole white bored and my hand is still shaking..

this subject so fun.. not the topic actually but Sir A's jokes haha

like another chuck of words

the teacher decided to dismiss us really due to that the books still arent available in the bookstore..

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