Back to School

what a bummer! back to school agian by tomorrow... bahh!! hate hate!! hate waking up in the morning so early! so many projects, assignments and quizzes!! huhuhu....

anw i dont know exactly what to blog except for complaining of waking up early in the morning !

heres a ripper: http://jirowang-isloved.blogspot.com/

SHE is so SHAMELESS! she ripped agnes blog then said she did it for like 4-5 hours?! did she mean RIPPING and HACKING 4-5 hours... haha.. she did credit agnes for the idea and basecodes but agnes didnt submit it to blogskin community and it only mean one think.. that bitch ripped agnes codes

WEEEE! i got my haircut today!! haha..


1. What color are the walls in your school's cafeteria?:
- last time i visit like yellowish white

2. Do you think skinny jeans look bad on bigger people?:
- hell yeah! it make them look like SUSHI

3. If you could relive 10 minutes of your life, what would you relive and why?:
- when i was in philippines swimming in the pool and enjoy fresh air

4. What ethnicity does your name come from?:
- i dunno..

5. Are you in any advanced/honors classes? Which ones?:
- huhuhuhu...

6. Do you think gauges are hot on your preferred sex?:
- ??????????

7. Who do you sit with at lunch?:
- uhmmm... i just sit at class where we eat with my friends and classmates for outside in the bench

8. What's your best friend's pants size?:
- who cares.. haha

9. Share a random childhood memory with us:
- very first time i had a barbie doll

10. What color is your lover's natural hair?:
- i dont have a lover

11. Do you pick up pens/pencils you see on the ground?:
- uhmmm honestly yeah... first i pick it then see it still works if it doesnt then it goes in the trash

12. Would you rather have naturally straight or curly hair? Why?:
- STRAIGHT!!! it looks more elegant

13. What CD did you last listen to?:
- i dont listen to CDs only i listen to my ipod

14. Would you ever get colored contacts? What color?:
- i like SAPPHIRE COLOR!! i had one but never get the chance to wear it

15. Last time you wore your hair in pigtails?:
- today.. until i got my new haircut

16. Have you ever bought yourself condoms?:
- YUKKZZZ!!!!!! HELL NO!!!

17. Isn't it annoying when people text you one word answers like "idk" and "lol?:
- HELL YEAH!!! especially when i type so long and all they reply is just a LOL i would be freakin' pissed!

18. Speaking of texting, do you have unlimited? What's your plan?:
- nope right now i dont have load

19. Are you going to see the new Indiana Jones movie?:
- i dont watch indiana jones movie & i think it sucks

20. Which do you like better; straight-across bangs or side bangs?:
- i like choppy hair!

21. Name a few "class clowns" in your school:
- laila, imee, and isabel

22. What color is your iPod/Mp3 player/CD player/whatever?:
- ipod = black nano

23. Would you ever lie to fit in with a crowd?:
- hell no!

24. On a scale of 1-10, rate your artistic abilities:
- 11 haha.. just kidding... uhmmm.. 8? 7? i dunno

25. How often do you do surveys?:
- whenever im bored

26. Would you rather wear combat boots or high heels?:
- no heels! its hard to walk on heels and combat boots make you look like your in an army or something.. i prefer flipflops

27. Do you have any 18 or older friends?:
- nope.. my sis 19 yrs old already

28. Do your school textbooks have book covers on them?:
- of course

29. Are you straight edge?:
- what??

30. Adidas sandals with socks... pretty ugly, right?:
- its like so LAME!

31. What do you do after school on Tuesdays?:
- go home.

32. Have you ever went to CCD?:
- whats CCD?

33. What's your foreign language teacher's first name?:
- uhmmm.. dunno

34. Would you ever get that plastic surgery to get permanent makeup?:
- nah! dumb think

35. Did you do anything for Memorial Day?:
- who cares

36. Have you ever had a Saturday detention?:
- nope.

37. Funniest thing you heard/saw all day?:
- i forgot..

38. Did you ever wonder why the people in school textbooks wear totally plain clothing that no one would ever wear?:
- uhmmm.. some just cover the whole thing makes it look more dull.

39. What do you do with plastic bags you get from grocery shopping and such?:
- keep it if it looks cute or nice

40. Do you keep flowers after they die? Don't they make a pretty decoration?:
- blah! i aint displaying dead flowers its like displaying skeletons of dead people

41. Everyone's judgmental. If you saw someone walking down the street in all black with tons of eyeliner and combat boots, what would you think of them?:
- addicted person... bahh.. he emo or punk? haha

42. When you're sad, do you write a blog on MySpace about it?:
- nah. i write it down in my diary and not in online..

43. What color is your neighbor's roof?:
- who cares..

44. When you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, do you like what you see? Why or why not?:
- nope.. i look like s h i t haha

45. If you found out that your current love interest was your sibling that was separated from you at birth, would you continue to have romantic feelings for them?:
- nope..

46. Which do you think is prettier; pale skin or super-tan skin?:
- normal skin

47. If you magically had the ability to make clothes of wonderful quality, what would be the first thing you'd make (assuming you have all the materials right here)?:
- the uniquest and cute shirts

48. If you could open your very own business, what would it be called and what would you sell?:
- uhmmm.. maybe shirt and pants/denim.. i call it.. uhhh.... *no idea*

49. Ever took a public transportation bus? Have you ever encountered any weird behavior?:
- yeah i have took a bus and no weird happenings

50. Are you outraged by the gas prices, or do they not affect you?:
- nope.. i dont even have a car

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