another day

tomorrow is our acquaintance party and meeting the SSC (Supreme Student Council) members
anw the teacher said that we could watch movie in the classroom between 2-4pm
pretty cool huh ..i just wish we arn't that many to fit in one room
anw for that i would bring along some popcorn kernels with a deep frying pan, a tent, money to buy food, sleeping bag, some DVDs or CDs like one missed call part 1,2 and 3 and flashlights haha im just kidding about that popcorn kernels (all the strike out words)

i just finish watching It Started With A Kiss
so damn great movie! i cried a bucket of tears bet. episode 28-29 no that i cried cause theres a bad ending but it just that zhi shu so sweet when he confessed his love for xiang qin and also cried cause A jin got busted..
anw.. so damn sweet movie!! the movie is so like a fairytale
class A people falls inlove with Class F happens only in fairytales and life isnt a fairytale like what a suprise

oh oh! btw ive already learn to play piano on "E Zou Ju" (Prank) OST I.S.W.A.K.

next.. ill borrow Coffee prince korean drama from Isabel then Hana Kimi Taiwan

anw i open again the BUTTON REQUEST PAGE

so if you want to request one please go move the mice to the navis and click its left ears to enter

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