laughing is the best medicine

nothing much we did today argghhhh!! im soooooo freakin no mood to type here or what-so-ever

all we did in school today was just laugh our socks off! we just laugh and laugh and laugh.. like who cares im suppose to be in the dependable section since our room smelled like paint and im getting suffocated in there!!
so anyway emerald, xhel and me was suppose to be in dep. then we moved to diligent cause it more fun and fun and fun!!

change topic

for your two dumb eyes only no mouth included

arghh! im so so pissed off ! starting today i wont cut my hair until its getting long
and only will cut the bangs

LIKE OMG! thats two times now ahhh!! i feel like
huhuhu... im no snob, im just shy haha. joke.. well if you know me better im as loud as a horn,
crazy as a clown and clumsy like you! haha bleeh

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