Can't Believe it.

Woah! it's been like a really long time since i blogged anyways guess what?
i've got a new hair color! HAHA. blame it on the black roots!

i bought one of those DIY Hairdye. I use Revlon in Strawberry Blonde. It was suppose to be the ligh auburn one but it's out of stock so one of the sales lady recommend me this and that the result is the same as long as i put it in my hair for about an hour so that the color would show.

And i'm proud to say that i didn't regret it! i just love this haircolor and i would definetly use this again if i need to color my black roots.

some other pics. Just being a spontaneous person taking random crap using my sister's DSLR camera. I just love the quality of the pictures, it made my canon digital camera look shitty.

yeah. it isn't that bright it's because i reduce.

My sister ate the 1 box of this. I just ate like 8 or something. Totally unfair.

i love vanilla more than chocolate toblerone.


very random

<-- OMO!!!! HOT!! i never get tired of rain and his hot bod! hahaha!
(small clip from his music video "love song") i super duper love the song!

Me: Is this where i should get my grades? cause a guard told me to get my grades here
Guard: Yes, since your a foreign go to window C
Me: *dies*

yeah... then i learned all people like myself (non-foreigner) should go at the 3rd floor to get the grades

wanna know a trick?
go to google
type "lol limewire"
then click "I'm feeling lucky"

you wouldn't regret it! swear! JUST DO IT!
then let me know what you think ;) and remeber to turn on your speakers!!

for those scardey cats.. NO! this is not a horror thingy blablah....

SPOILER: highlight below to see start from this sign *... but do it first before highlighting this:
** cause for me....... it's so funny! and duper cute! GAHHHHHH! i could watch it for hours


Fangirl's ramblings

i just have to let this out of my chest! i have been tossing and turning in bed since i read at allkpop that Kyuhyun kissed a fangirl's hand (so lucky) HAHAHA xD

so i quickly searched it in youtube

yeah... Kyuhyun is such a sweetheart he did lots of sweet things: refer (here). I actually wasn't in the concert myself, i just happen to read it and saw the video :D

if i was in the girl's place i would have fainted hahahaha!! =)) that girl's money is worth every single penny when she bought those VIP tickets! damn! she's so lucky! getting kissed by the hand not to mention by Kyuhyun

my sister said i'm a hardcore fan ? okay... first of all i'm just a normal-to-average kind of fan who happens to be captivated by their handsome faces and angelic voices. I'm not some fan that would have fainted in the pavements except as a joke, i just like too see them perform in person.

*i heard that SNSD will also have their concert here in philippines (sadly,it's only a rumor... cause for some reasons i couldn't confirm it)

if by any chance SNSD will come to perform i just hope those ANTI-FANS won't come and mess it up.

yeah~~ i think most the SNSD fans here knows about the large anti-fan base of the girls (even have a forum for it ~pathetic)

** yeah. i know this is like so old news/issue but still i just wanna talk about it.

-im sure all SNSD fans knows about Yoona lifting up tiffany's skirt in public (I'm sure she's just checking it out if tiffany is wearing safety shorts or not)

then all these ANTI blame Tiffany ._. well.. actually Tiffany did wear safety shorts but she didn't pin the clips so when you spin you can't see the short. She didn't have the time to clip in on because of her MCing see video (here)

but if you look at it. Do you really think it's tiffany's fault? who is in the right mind anyways to lift your groupmate's skirt in front of public. Yoona should have just whisper to her is she is wearing anything underneath or perhaps should have done it backstage but then......... Tiffany just shrugged it off and smilied (-.-) and i was like "wtf?" (0.o) if i were her i would have completely lost my mind.

either way.... i'm so disappointed to Yoona.

I know all about those careless and shameless acts of Tiff but i guess she isn't that used to korean culture, American culture is known for it "open culture" compared to korean

This was written by a korean ELF, about her encounter with Tiffany SNSD.
{This was translated from Korean to English to Thai and to English again, sorry for any misunderstanding}

English Translations By
Translated by Katty4495
Taken from: zenya@blogshop
Thai Translations By babycute@suju-hwiting
Credit : hiro @ GG-TH

I traveled from Jeollanamdo to the SM entertainment building hoping to see Suju. While I am walking around in front of the building, I see Tiffany standing there. I looked at her, and then she smiled at me. Right then, I thougt it was such a dreadful smile, I remember it clearly, her disrespectful words towards everyone. I looked at her with hatred in my eyes and looked away without smiling back. Then there's 2 guys ran at me and I fell to the ground. The glass that contains water in my hand spilled all over me. I thought meanwhile, Tiffany would stand there and laugh at me.. but no. I saw her ran inside the building and came out with napkins, and handed it to me. I received it without looking at her, and then she dust down the dirt on my knee. I asked her aren't you mad at me for the way I acted? She said No, right now there's a lot of people who dislike me but then it's all my fault, I didn't mean to say anything I said, and really didn't know. And I am still not used to Korean culture. In America, we can play with elders like friends, next time I will be more careful.
When she's done, she smiled with the same smile but this time it feels more delicate, the sadness in her eyes made me felt really bad.

credits to soompi forums

** i'll just stop here ** ....... NOT!

this post is meant to be for Kyuhyun only yet i dunno why i started talking about SNSD probably because of all those ANTI snsd blogs i have read and their bashings about why SNSD should be disband they even have this infamous ANTI-FAN group called STAND which stands for (Standing Till All Nine Disappear) they even have their very own forum

-- okay whatever.. i still like them anyways.

Ever heard of the incident some crazy ANTI-FAN made Yunho of DBSK drink super glue?!?! these anti-fans are mentally unstable! they should be locked away in a mental hospital where they should belong (you can just google about this incase you didn't know)

& Even Han Kyung of super junior some crazy fan gave him a cake with an unknown poisonous powder

According to a witness, Han Kyung, who has lately been in China doing activities, encountered a so-called fan that wanted to give him a gift during his ride back to the hotel after recording a television program. The fan's fluentless Chinese created doubts within the staff. When the fan gave them the present and cake, the fan requested to have a picture with the idol. The staff were afraid that Han Kyung would be harmed and politely rejected the fan, using Han Kyung being sick as an excuse. After Han Kyung's polite apology, the staff immediately brought him back to the hotel. As they got back, the staff opened the present together and discovered that inside the box contained small bags full of blood. There was also a sharp knife and a stabbed picture of Han Kyung. Han Kyung immediately understood that this was done by an anti-fan, and after several testings of the cake, it was concluded that the cake contained a nameless poisonous powder. The company wanted to keep the true reasons to Han Kyung's visit to China a secret and thus Han Kyung did not disclose anything to the media.

credits: ampedasia

these anti-fans sure have nothing better to do thus proving the myth right!! in a forum i've recently read "Anti-fans have no lives."

then they all disagree... they say they have lives *rolls eyes*

i just hope they don't mess with Kyuhyun!!! those no-good-crazy anti-fans!!!

well....SNSD is really popular and have like a large fan base. The more popular you get the more anti-fans you will have...


PBB Teen Clash

This is so unfair! i don't have ABS-CBN here!! huhuhuhu... i used to watch PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) ever since it aired it's first episode!

this stupid fcking japan brand tv!!!! couldn't even reach disney and ABS-CBN (my only favorite reality tv show is PBB and nothing else) actually i like all reality tv shows except those dramas or telenovelas i just don't watch those kind of stuff.

this stupid TV!! i feel like i wanna throw it outside the window! stupid useless piece of junk!! what kind of tv can't reach disney! last time we had disney then there's some unknown complication that result to losing my all time favorite channel!

how can life be so unfair. Actually i don't really watch TV. i only watch if there's a specific show that i like for example: Survivor, Fear Factor and PBB!!!! (all reality tv show)

i just wanna rant cause the PBB teen clash is officially aired now.

then i read this at tumblr.

i was curious so i googled him.


My first reaction: woooo.. dang! he's HOT!

he's like so HANDSOME! he's half-filipino and half-irish-- Irish people are so gorgeous! he looks kinda familiar to me, reminds me of Nick Jonas (HAHAHA) or does my eyes decieve me?

OMO! how can their be such beautiful creature!! the light!! *nose bleeds* (yes, i'm mocking wallflower anime)

Name: Ivan Dorschner
Age: 19 years old
Birth Place: Mission Hills, California
Occupation: Model
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 50 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
Skin color: White
source: realitytv.nfo.ph

*As for my foreign readers... sorry if you couldn't relate :( *

couldn't care less about Gerald Anderson bwahahaha. i'm kinda sick of him (he's over-rated both him and Kim Chiu)


missed the Super Show 2 (i feel so empty) nonetheless there is still Super show 3 !! and imma start saving money from now on!! this time - front seats for me! bwahahaha! i'm going to see my Kyuhyun oppa no matter what!!


New layout


i call it "Kyuhyun" SJ theme, i'm super hooked to Kyuhyun❤❤❤ right now, he's my new idol. I mean he's so cute! HAHAHA! and he kinda looks like my crush in my school hahahaha!

I'm using blogger's XHTML, i was greatly influenced by Pailin :). I promised that i would create another version of my previous Marie layout but it rather left me with a Kyuhyun Theme. It all started when i was listening to "It's you" - super junior then i keep starting a Kyuhyun cause he reminds me of someone then BAM! yeah! my crush hahaha!

This layout is still underconstruction so if you have violent reactions keep it to yourself first okay

yey! finally finished :D


Is your mobile phone original or not?

To find out how, it's simple. Just press


on your phone and the international mobile equipment appears.

Then, check the 7th and 8th number.

If the 7th and 8th number digits are 02 or 20, it's from China meaning low quality.
If the 7th and 8th number digits are 08 or 80, it's from Germany meaning fair quality.
If the 7th and 8th number digits are 01 and 10, it's from Finland meaning very good quality.
If the 7th and 8th number digits are 00, it's from the original factory meaning the best quality.
If the 7th and 8th number digits are 13, it's from Azerbaijan, the most dangerous among all!

mine is LMEL 353283701-154821-0-20

from finlad - very good quality! yey!! at first i though it was like from china cause i didn't read the whole thing then when i read it again it says to check the 7th and 8th woooh! that was close....

what's yours? ;)

missing my previous layouts.

if you have been like my daily reader since 2008 then you would know these layouts that was previously my blog layout here :)

these are like the top layouts i made that i like the most... the other layouts i dont know haha! whenever i create a layout like for example a "tumblr" inspired layout.. i usually use it for like 2-3 months then bam! i get tired of it. :(

i feel like i want to use it again but the problem is i seem to misplaced the codes, i usually save all the codes to my previous layouts in notepad....

gah!¬ i miss using pink colors

1st yr. 4th term schedule

i'm actually pleased with my schedule now even if it's still tentative

my CS130, CS130L & CS131 still have no sections cause there's no more slots available huhuhuhu.... i should have encode my schedule like super super early...... 

i think i'm going to encode the remaining 3 subjects at the school since anyways they will open new slots.


the i-want-to-buy or to-do list

Two. Get a pair of contact lenses (i've took a step further and have realized that i shouldn't be limiting myself due to getting scared and all so yeah.... i'm getting myself some lenses)-.-

** but i've descided to purchase them online since it's much cheaper and well... geo circle lenses are nice!! they make your eyes or iris appear bigger...

since this is for daily use ....

still choosing between this

and this

although if you look at it, there's no difference between the three. Anyways, i don't know if i should get it in 14.2 , 14.5 or 14.8 in dm

they say the bigger the circle lenses the hard it is for the eyes to breathe. :(

three.  Etude house Code B gel liner (i would really love to get my hands on this since it's water proof therefore smudge free!!!)

four. Etude house Face designing brightener

five. Etude house Aqua Sherbert Toner

six. Etude house Moistfull essence-in primer

seven. Etude house precious mineral bb cream

although i have my missha perfect cover bb cream already i feel like this is more lightweight.

**it doesn't really matter to me if i wouldn't be able to buy my want list numbers 5-7 as long as i would be able to repair my lappy & buy contact lenses....


why the hell i'm so active in blogging lately..... maybe because i'm stuck in this hell hole for like a week now! i can't wait to get to overnight at my friend's place my lappy needs repair! T^T

if only my lappy is not broken then maybe i wouldn't get bored here. I'm using desktop computer and my sister is going to use it anytime soon because of projects and i'm left in the bed watching movies


Cyber squatting = a crime!!

Of all things here in blogging world. Do you know what i hate the most?

when i want to change the url of my blog for example to: so-kawaii.blogspot.com and for some reasons the url is already taken then i became a little irrated since i want that url name so bad so i kinda check on the url

and guess what??

the page is insanely BLANK!!! like just zero @#$%^ entries

a blog that's never been used.

i mean these type of blogs are considered SPAM! (for me) taking up space in blogspot! what a waste so i kinda report abuse   (HEHEHE). I'm mad right now (kidding) anyways....


there should be a rule somewhere that if the site didn't have any activity for like 3 years or so should be automatically deleted!!

i mean pretty please can i have this abandoned url!

this is unfair! if you aren't going to blog then just delete your blog for all i care.... your taking up too much space with nothing on it! not even a dot!

And btw, there is a legal concept in the internet world that might be fitting to describe the effect of these dormant sites - cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is where a URL is rightfully registered, but is subsequently not utilized as an active site for person or commercial use or otherwise, but only exists for the sole purpose of excluding another from using it.

Cybersquatting is an intentional kind of internet crime, but the same problem underlies it  - unfair exclusion from URL's for no good reason. (source: google)

do yourself a favor... what about the upcomming bloggers. - so sad... were running out of silly names.
then all the available url names are gogostop123, hello1234

like url with stupid numbers in them.

end of rant!

Disney movie marathon...

**should have posted this yesterday**

Happy good Friday everyone! so it's been a long time since i last posted something here.

So, anyways... i don't know what's gotten into me but i suddenly had this crave about re-watching all disney movies :)) so far i have re-watched

Cinderella 1 & 2
Aladdin 1 & 2
101 Dalmatians
Pocahontas 1 & 2
Sleeping Beauty
Snow white
Beauty & the Beast

-yet to watch again-

i love watching Aladdin over and over again and the song about Prince Ali lalalala ~ is like stuck in my head!
goes like this:
Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
Ali Ababwa
Genuflect, shom some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
Brush up your sunday salaam
The come and meet his spectacular coterie

Prince Ali!
Mighty is he!
Ali Ababwa
Strong as ten regular men, definitely!
He faced the galloping hordes
A hundred bad guys with swords
Who sent those goons to their lords?
Why, Prince Ali

He's got seventy-five golden camels
Purple peacocks
He's got fifty-three
When it comes to exotic-type mammals
Has he got a zoo?
I'm telling you, it's a world-class menagerie

HAHAHA!!! you might think i'm childish but re-watching disney movies reminds me of my childhood (back in the days when i was 5 years old & all i ever dreamed about is having all the barbie dolls but now.. it's different)

it's not too late to go back to memory lane 

so then i have this quest to re-watch all the disney movies back in my childhood and now... i can't think of anything.....

so if you know any disney movies please let me know ^^ (no i didn't mean the miley cyrus movies -bah) the ones back in the days like the cartoon-ish stuffs HEHEHE