Can't Believe it.

Woah! it's been like a really long time since i blogged anyways guess what?
i've got a new hair color! HAHA. blame it on the black roots!

i bought one of those DIY Hairdye. I use Revlon in Strawberry Blonde. It was suppose to be the ligh auburn one but it's out of stock so one of the sales lady recommend me this and that the result is the same as long as i put it in my hair for about an hour so that the color would show.

And i'm proud to say that i didn't regret it! i just love this haircolor and i would definetly use this again if i need to color my black roots.

some other pics. Just being a spontaneous person taking random crap using my sister's DSLR camera. I just love the quality of the pictures, it made my canon digital camera look shitty.

yeah. it isn't that bright it's because i reduce.

My sister ate the 1 box of this. I just ate like 8 or something. Totally unfair.

i love vanilla more than chocolate toblerone.


  1. I want to try color my hair but kekeke, scared LOL
    ooo chocolates! me likey!

  2. naks!u dyed ur hair already..d p dn ako ngccmula..im so broke!ahuhuhu..kc im too busy applying for part time at diff stores para makapagipon me ng pamasahe XD hihihi :D :D revlon gamit m?akin ung perfect 10.lm m un?haircolor din sya..n may brush n provided pra mas easy mgcolor ng hair :) :)

  3. @^^GuiGui^^:

    uo. wla ata yung perfect10 dito sa pinas eh :(
    pero mganda yung revlon try mo ^^, pero wala xa ksmang brush T3T. gloves lng meron cguro dpt bbili pa ng brush. haisst. di kasi ako bumili ng brush kya may part parin sa roots ko na kulay black prin >3<


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