very random

<-- OMO!!!! HOT!! i never get tired of rain and his hot bod! hahaha!
(small clip from his music video "love song") i super duper love the song!

Me: Is this where i should get my grades? cause a guard told me to get my grades here
Guard: Yes, since your a foreign go to window C
Me: *dies*

yeah... then i learned all people like myself (non-foreigner) should go at the 3rd floor to get the grades

wanna know a trick?
go to google
type "lol limewire"
then click "I'm feeling lucky"

you wouldn't regret it! swear! JUST DO IT!
then let me know what you think ;) and remeber to turn on your speakers!!

for those scardey cats.. NO! this is not a horror thingy blablah....

SPOILER: highlight below to see start from this sign *... but do it first before highlighting this:
** cause for me....... it's so funny! and duper cute! GAHHHHHH! i could watch it for hours


  1. lol.. I tried it... haha.. =p thanks for telling ^^
    Oh yeah thanks for linking me too XD *hug*

  2. Aw, thanks for the trick!

    That was very cute~! :)

  3. I LOL-ed when I tried it. XDD
    wait, who's that in the icon? Rain?

  4. @ Chai: yup, it's the one and only "rain" xD

  5. Lol, that google trick just made my day.

  6. haha this trick is REALLY for Limewire users xD so cute!!!

  7. I watched that music video of rain "love song" AWSOME-NISS xD

  8. so funny

    recently I showed the same mv (rain's) to my friend and asked her 'gay or geil' (geil means horny on German, it's a normal word like 'fucking awesome or so~)

    I absolutely think that the 'stripping' is a bit too much, although his body is hot Haha

    And this is for your last post (I think - the one with Tiffany)

    Out of all SNSD members I like her most, because she's so pretty and cute.
    I know that many ppl don't like her, because of her character, I don't know about this and I don't care.

    But I think the argument that she's from America and another life style is not that good.
    There are other korean stars who grew up in America and haven't done anything offensive or whatever she has done or not.

    Maybe she should care more about the rules or whatever, since nobody said that Korean entertainment industry was easy or any fun.

    xxx, Ailing !^^

  9. hello! can i ask you something??
    i have problem to change my blog template
    can you tell me how to do it??
    thank you very much for helping!!


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