Percy jackson & the lightning theif


dang! this movie is awesome! and it reminds me of Hercules! HAHHAA! i kept laughing especially the black crippled guy.

so if you haven't watch this yet! i highly recommend it! it's worth watching *at least i think it does

and Uma Thurman as Medusa = really epic hair! the hair is like amazing! she got snakes growing out of her scalp like big bundle of snakes

*Based on a book
*Reminds me of Hercules
*very cool effects
*i love the medusa part!!!

Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon

Medusa !!! and her errr..... what i like to call it - snairs! hehehe
snakes + hair = snairs

Annabeth, daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom

and this black crippled dude!! - not necessarily crippled i mean he has goat's leg!!

which pretty much reminds me of Phil from hercules!


  1. I've read the books a long time ago and they're completely different. :\ I prefer the books though ... (:

  2. hahaha!kakamissss..disney movies!!gusto kong panuorin ulit ung lion king...hehehe :P :P at beauty and the beast ^^
    ohhh tht percy movie...hehehehe..XDxD ayos ahh goat legs tas snake hair..haha!

  3. @^^GuiGui^^

    oo ! gnda ng movie promise! HAHAHA! kktawa kasi yung crippled guy ... :))))) nkkmiss na kasi manuood ng disney classics kya aun.. hahhaha! wala din nmn mgawa sa bahay kasi sem break n nmin ^^ sana andito ka! plano ni isay na mag overnight sa kanila

  4. Haha , I know, the movie is good, isn't it ?(:

  5. @ Ru:

    hell yeah! i love the movie ;P


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