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i read bianca's recent entry and yeah! i agree that voting system is SUPER SUPER BIAS! everyone can self-vote especially those despo ones.. i saw one contest that had already pick its winner and the first place blog isnt deserving to win the title as the Site Of the Month.. *ps i dont want to point out names but if you want to know ill tell you*

i actually dont get it why some say 10% goes to the voting when actually it is like 80-95% i think they pick winners who top the votes and its super unfair!


put your blog url when tagging in my tagboard so i will be the one to reply you in you blog

to be more fair for the others their will be no VOTING SYSTEM in this contest...
i will show you the criteria and how i rate your blog and i will be the one to judge it

for the first placer winner you cant join for 5 months
for 2nd-4th placer you can still join

CURRENTLY THERE ARE 14 bloggers signed up.. need 6 more so i can start judging
pass this up so everyone has the chance to join

Best Of Blog Awards


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life is short

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ive deleted some of the contest banners i joined cause i think its damn useless after they want to host a contest then they disappear just like that...

anw voting system is so pointless it would just delay the announcement of the winners and everyone or someone could self-vote themselves ... anw hope the one hosting contest could really pick out the winners that are deserving thats why im not putting any voting system in my contest...

so far 11 have signed up for the Best Of Blog Awards, i will only need 20 so sign up now!

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sorry for ive just been MIA *Missing In Action

im so tired i can barely type.... ill post some pictures of our buwan ng wika next time and also the tags..

im so not myself...

anw sorry for not updating more often, ive been busy doing my resource site..

today i watch brown sugar macchiato taiwanese drama cause i havent finished the series yet.. watch it! its damn nice ^_^

*this post is yet to be edited*

oh! join my contest if you want


thecookie realm's opening day

ive created a blog out of boredom and dunno what to do with it.. perhaps you can help me??

today i watch "blades of glory" with shel & emerald. the movie so damn funny! you should watch it haha..

tomorrow we will be decorating our room to a "festival" look.. so obviously there would be no classes the whole day..

-no mood to blog.. ok bye-

PS. im gonna reply the tags tomorrow

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Memos in Polaroids

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today i watch "White Chicks" (comedy) in the class today cause we have no classes in some of subjects today cause they have a meeting... so then me and shel watch the movie.. but first have to transfer the movie which is in her laptop to the usb so we can watch it in a portable dvd player
anw let the pictures do the talking

some snapshots:

Physics: no teacher but gave us a "seatwork" instead.. can me answer them?

this is raichelle trying to solve the problem..

math lessons..

my math/algebra book *for senior highschool*

my super messy table

after our math classes ended... we can now bring out our laptops cause its BREAK TIME!
and *yeah! we are allowed to bring our laptops in school and we can use them but we cannot use them if classes starts.. we can only use them during recess, lunch, special events or if the teacher isnt at the room

raichelle's kawaii laptop

back of shel's laptop *i like the one with glitters at the back.. (which is my dream laptop and im gonna buy it soon)*

bandaritas for our "buwan ng wika" were decorating our classroom and so on..

we watch this at shel's laptop and.. i think this is either kelvin or wu chun from fahrenheit *im confused

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! DAMN IT! i forgot to bring my el fili book and tomorrow i will report the summary of one half of the chapter! im so dead

even though i forgot my el fili book today .. today is still my lucky day and most memorable day EVER!!!

AUGUST 24/08!! is loved!


catwalk & airways

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our classroom is an uproar of flying paper aircraft which happens to be smashed up with a drum stick if the paper craft pass through J and V haha (i dont want to point out names... just initials)

one of the papercraft landed in my super cluttered table as i was so busy that i just pick up that paper craft and throw it in the back *without knowing theres someone at my back* and i practically hit someone close in the eye.. well good thing the craft didn't hit his eye.. hehe

well seriously i was supposed to search about fil. foods for our "buwan ng wika" but i ended up blogging.. like what the hell...

i was special mentioned during filipino time when Ma'am M. dicuss something i ended up falling asleep while looking at her.. and she goes like "stephanie!" and i was like "huh?"
oh well... i hate being s. mentioned

anw... i dont know what to say anymore ...

Top 5 Blogs of your choice survey *tag everybody who have not answered this yet*
(according to chronological order)

1. agnes' blog - cute, unique and so creative
2. xiaorene's blog - uhmm.. i find the contents of her blog meaningful and interesting to read
3. amelia's blog - also the same.. her site is cute
4. Xiaxue's blog - the way she writes her blog so so so... like very interesting to read
5. Tash's blog - also the same blog post all interesting

i so love their clothes and stuffs like that...

i love the shirt

i wish i have a bag like this !! i freakin' love this bag!

i love the cap and black glasses

i like the black jacket

a perfect outfit if your going abroad or traveling