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our classroom is an uproar of flying paper aircraft which happens to be smashed up with a drum stick if the paper craft pass through J and V haha (i dont want to point out names... just initials)

one of the papercraft landed in my super cluttered table as i was so busy that i just pick up that paper craft and throw it in the back *without knowing theres someone at my back* and i practically hit someone close in the eye.. well good thing the craft didn't hit his eye.. hehe

well seriously i was supposed to search about fil. foods for our "buwan ng wika" but i ended up blogging.. like what the hell...

i was special mentioned during filipino time when Ma'am M. dicuss something i ended up falling asleep while looking at her.. and she goes like "stephanie!" and i was like "huh?"
oh well... i hate being s. mentioned

anw... i dont know what to say anymore ...

Top 5 Blogs of your choice survey *tag everybody who have not answered this yet*
(according to chronological order)

1. agnes' blog - cute, unique and so creative
2. xiaorene's blog - uhmm.. i find the contents of her blog meaningful and interesting to read
3. amelia's blog - also the same.. her site is cute
4. Xiaxue's blog - the way she writes her blog so so so... like very interesting to read
5. Tash's blog - also the same blog post all interesting

i so love their clothes and stuffs like that...

i love the shirt

i wish i have a bag like this !! i freakin' love this bag!

i love the cap and black glasses

i like the black jacket

a perfect outfit if your going abroad or traveling

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