twiligh book

when i first saw the bestseller book of stephanie meyer; it all started when

i went to the jarir bookstore today with my parents and my lil bro of corz... anw... then i saw this new moon & eclipse series.... it made me jump when i really saw the book and quickly grab it while i still have the chance.. but i was looking for the "twilight" but i couldnt find it anymore!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! and at that time i freakish dont care if i still havent read the twilight.. and thought that i will just borrow my classmate's book so then i go to the casher then the casher said its well.... the new moon book cost like SR95 ... i think the book cover is like the solid original and i think thats what makes it expensive.. anw. i didnt mind buying the book though... its more then my money cant take...

AHHH!! i wanaa read the twilight book!! just wanna find out what everyones so obssessed about

ehh... i got a bugging question... why is it other people are so despo being credited even the slightest small thing....
i am even the first one to use SMILIES in blog entries (and yes iam positively sure that i am the one to use smilies in blog post) then came the others who are so trying hard to copy me.. like oh well.. so many people are copying it already.. i dont bother telling them to credit me.. LIKE WHATS THE POINT ANYWAY .... one person copy me and the other copy the person that she copy me its all exposed now!! like what the hell... seriously NOT ALL SHOULD BE CREDITED! if you dont want the person copying you.. just say to remove and never use it again then bothering the person to credit you.. ~bahhh. anw never understand this world... blogger is one happy playground you dont know who your scolding too except for you know her name..

its all the same as for the SOTM contest people also copy other who host comps. ... like what agnes said in her blog.. some people host it just to get attention or just to get their blog famous ... ~so lame

next topic
tomorrow i will make a banner gift to all my affies just wait and see

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