New blog layout - My kawaii Outlet version 1.2

ive created a new blog layout or skin (My Kawaii Outlet version 1.2) which i truly worked hard for as you've seen the skrappy materials i got form skrappy princess (as credited) and the iwask img from agnes and hover codes from kai lin.

for your information i made the background like that since too much pink and too much bright colors could cause eye sore and i dont want to be responisble for any damage to your eyes. And also i dont want to make my blog super girlish so any i made it like that.. i get the background from one of kai lin's beyond words skin

btw.. about my previous blogskin.. i seriously dont know if i should submit it to blogskins community or not since mostly people dont credit and some remove credits and i dont want my effort to put to waste by i-dont-want-to-credit-you kind of people
so if anyone here what me to contribute it to blogskin
please kindly vote from here


i fall asleep AGAIN during our values and computer subject PS. i didnt intentionally sleep its just that i sleep late last night. anw falling asleep in class doesnt mean the topic or subject is boring.. and anw i love computer subj.
cause this year were learning how to make or edit HTML YEY!

btw.. ive just recently found out that i forgot my algebra notebook in class and i actually thought that i carried it with me in my bag but actually didnt ! arghhh! ive got a project due tomorrow and i haven't answered 2 problems yet! huhuhu.. and for now i am currently doing our presentation in el fili

anw got to go..

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