pure malice

well... unfortunetly yeah! ive deleted the skin which is submitted in blogskins cause theres so many people who are PLAIN STUPID! and im sick of comments that makes no sense like:

i dont like pink

then rate me down like 3 stars.. LIKE whats wrong with THEM!! if they dont like pink then just SCRAM~ so unreasonable!

the other one comments me giving me advices to improve my skin; like:

adding pink background is much nicer.. the brown bg is so out.. remove it ...

and many more... LIKE WHAT THE HELL! when i go and check on her skins..
HER SKINS SUCKS TO THE CORE!! and she come give me tips to improve?!?! GO GET A LIFE!

PEOPLE should realize when you do a particular kawaii skin not all SHOULD BE PINK!!
otherwise your abusing it ..

im so pissed off man.. i feel like i dont wanna submit skins anymore...
but truly i am sorry if ive deleted it..

anw.. move on to the next topic:

i will be doing a resource site... cause some cant get through lovelycore's items... sugarpink or any other jap. graphic site... so ive figure it would be best if i will make a resource site myself hehe

my future url would be: aiikochan-sandbox.blogspot.com

-still underconstruction-

comment me if theres some site you wanna get in to the items.. so i can include them in my resource site ..

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