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i read bianca's recent entry and yeah! i agree that voting system is SUPER SUPER BIAS! everyone can self-vote especially those despo ones.. i saw one contest that had already pick its winner and the first place blog isnt deserving to win the title as the Site Of the Month.. *ps i dont want to point out names but if you want to know ill tell you*

i actually dont get it why some say 10% goes to the voting when actually it is like 80-95% i think they pick winners who top the votes and its super unfair!


put your blog url when tagging in my tagboard so i will be the one to reply you in you blog

to be more fair for the others their will be no VOTING SYSTEM in this contest...
i will show you the criteria and how i rate your blog and i will be the one to judge it

for the first placer winner you cant join for 5 months
for 2nd-4th placer you can still join

CURRENTLY THERE ARE 14 bloggers signed up.. need 6 more so i can start judging
pass this up so everyone has the chance to join

Best Of Blog Awards

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