yeah.. ive deleted some of the messages in the tagboard and restart it... and deleted my previous post as for it results some cat fights and whatsoever... sorry for the inconvience cause and misunderstandings... ive deleted my resource site also not because of you tagging and spamming its because i didnt take it to seriously when i made it so its okay for me and i didnt update that site anymore haha..


im so pissed off with our prefect of discipline teacher... !! BAHHS!!
got nothin to say... i super hate that teacher! he thinks he owns the school, give everybody detention even if its not that big deal!


many of us hate him so much.... bah!

anw hope our teacher doesnt find this.. haha..


i won in amelia's contest "Cutest Site Of the Month"

thankyou for the banner its super cute, neat and well edited

there are currently 17 bloggers signed up in the Best Of Blog Awards need 3 more
all blogger users are all welcome in joining this contest
this is the best of blog awards for september

-ive decided to stay out of trouble as much as possible so if your going to spam and scold me in my tagboard i will simply delete it and BAN you-

anyway... you all can call me Steff or Steph.. eh thats my real name haha.. not kyuusho..
ah okay.. now stop calling me kyuusho hehe

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