PLURK!!! ~ and softbank phones

you must join plurk now! its nice place to make friends and can put your updates or shoutouts.. so then again im invinting you all to JOIN! ~ (plurk)
dont forget to add me (click)

woots! 20 plus Karma!! another 20 plus then i can change my display name

and plurk pet or icon.. (i dont really know what is that thing called) but this is what it is

to change your plurk pet must have at least .... i want the pink one!!! woohh

SOFTBANK 705SC (samsung) japanese cellphone!

freakin love this phone! haha.. american phones are so different from japanese ones..
the hell why wont samsung sell this type of phone overseas?!

this is a video of a softbank jap. phone unit: 811 T

this is the video of softbank unit: 815T 15S

this is the video of softbank unit: 707SC

this phone is also cute.. actually the originaly one doesnt have a pink thing at the sides you have to customized it at other stores.. wish there would be a light pink color of this one.. anw.. look at how the camera rotates! isnt it cute

haha~ sorry for putting too much video here.. its just that.. the phone is super cute.. anw hope i wont make your comp. lag.. (the video is less than 1 min.)

calling out my sister in phil. is there a softbank phone there?????? IF THERE IS OMG! BUY ME ONE!! im gonna pay you back if you get here alright haha.. in japan this only cost 100..

but hek here i cant find any softbank samsung phone here... just SAMSUNG not softbank! bummer~

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