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today i bang my head 2 times

first: when me and shel joke around then suddely our heads bang each other
second: when i was on the bus my head bang on the door~~

this is so not my lucky day~

its was sooooo HUMID!~ im sweating like non-stop while i was waiting for the bus ... BUT~ SHREK (a code name for our disgusting classmate and a stalker of a friend of mine) sweat like a DROWNED RAT!~ he practically looks like he just got from the shower and also his t-shirt is like soaked with is sweat... and he was even my seatmate... i am so super disgusted so i back away! EW~

i was joking around with my little bro, he was using my study table and i said that he can use it as long as he gets back to cage whenever he's done with his assignments and he goes like blah blah blah

this Mcdo ling-a-ding (not talking about a famous fast food chain) is back again abusing students by giveing them violation reports (referral slips). He made my classmate cry tsk.tsk. that STUPID bald headed dog! that looks like a moron golf nail! bahh~ he gave my classmate(girl) a violation report cause according to the moron bald-headed dog that she didnt wear the proper P.E uniform then gave her again a V.R (referral slip)

actually this moron is sooo BIAS! he gave "G" a slip but most of the other sections also didnt wear the proper thing and he is like ~BLAH BLAH BLAH

anyway... SO BIAS~

anothe topic~!
btw ive updated my profile section please do visit

im so lovin' & addicted to this music "A little too perfect" by Sam Milby

LOOK HERE! just feel like wanna adverise it to you all since they are new..


they sell so many cute and nice clothes!!! AHHH! i want to buy myself one! but im not from singapore and i dont think they would deliever by package or deliver abroad huhuhu.. im willing to pay ever penny i have just to buy those cute stuffs...

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