acting so Immature

seriously the one who tag me at my tagboard anonymously i think your the one whose acting stupid and so immature hidding behind a name afraid to get caught! i dont think you know the meaning of a blog seriously this is my BLOG and i can say anything i want to say...! if you want me to shut up.. then screw you! who are you to tell me what im gonna do!!! I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!

whats it with you if im just gonna show the url !! seriously you need to straighten up yourself.. i dont think its illegal to post something in my own blog!

and you tell me im selfish?! why?! cause i didnt tell you the show&hide code now is it?! or the font names?!? who want to get copied around now anyway?! you must really be pissed now i can tell.... CAUSE YOUR EAGER to know the code.... -deleted- some people dont really know when to quit

and please people in blogger im not STUPID enough to chat with you just because your going to ask me LOTS AND LOTS OF CODES... seriously my email-ad is already in my "profile" so stop asking!! IM NOT YOUR INFORMATION CENTER OKAY?! i find the codes by myself i use the google search engine ......

~baahhhss... whats wrong with the people now a days


to: freda.. heres the code you've been wanting to use... hehe.. i thought you said how to remove so anw.. here it is

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