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hi! ive come back with new blogskin... i honestly do not know what to say..

much thanks to agnes for the background *i get it from her latest skin though i know where she get it im practically lazy to host it on my own server so i credited here for that as stated... the banner at the top from enakei and i did some editing .. the "post it" from shabbyprincess

PS please dont copy how i design my blog! and how i link my other accounts like in friendster and so on... the "WWW" is the link and followed by the name (please do not copy it) have some originality!!... im still being nice so please dont push it to the limit..

my blog is still underconstruction the missing sections is the "awards" and "ive joined" areas ...

im changing my smilies here cause its kinda big for my fonts in the entries but if im changing again and use the big fonts im going back to my old smilies

the banners for my contest and announcement of winners will be out soon...

*please do tell me if i by any chance i forgot to credit you..

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