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please do note that i wont be sending you the html codes on my lastest skin anymore.. but for those who have requested earlier ive sent it to you already...
the download problem was not from my skin and my codes, blogskins community is the one responsible for it .. so if you want to download the skin..
you've got to download win-rar first and install it so your can download and get the codes (man, this is really complicated.. wish everything will be back to normal again)


sorry for the irregular updates and ive been MIA (Missing In Action) lately
its just that:
my internet connection is acting up again
my dad change my windows vista into windows XP

boohuu~ i really hate XP though xp is more faster and doesnt lag i still hate XP!! dang! i miss vista so much! and guess what? my fonts are all gone!!!! i forgot to save it at my datadisk before my dad reboot the computer. ive saved the pictures, documents, my whole blogskin codes but except the fonts could there be any worser than this?....

now ive got to download and reinstall the fonts again! this is really tiring and oh! ive forgot to move my "my creek" folder. yes, that's the file name of the folder, yes, the name is really weird, yes, it contains VERY important files, and yes, thats the folder which i forgot to save and move it in the datadisk

that folder contains: the images i got from sakurapop (its a jap. graphic kawaii site), shabby princess, some of my html codes, a lot of mini icons, musics, music video and many more.. that folder is in my desktop thats why i forgot to move it.. the reason why that folder contains different kinds of files because i am super lazy to transfer it all the way from my other folders and organize it... i dont usually organize my files and im not really that spick-and-span kind of person but if im bored thats the time i organize everything..

*sigh* my so adorbale fonts, my most beloved images that ive downloaded all gone down the drain.. -emo mode-

okay okay... i honestly think i should get a life.. i havent been going out of the house for 2 weeks already except going to the school of course that isn't counted

baah~ i havent started my project in computer yet.. that we should create a website of our own... (im so lazy) -currently lack of creative juices right now-
why cant i just submit my blog and just like that then let my teacher grade it for all i care! i cant think of anything creative and the deadline is on october 7,2008 and the thing is not even the tag "html" is ever so visible in the notepad which i should be typing out the codes ...

its really not that simple since we should work offline~ with four navigations by using relative or absolute path

September 28,2008
i totally messed up today in our dance dancing is really not my thing ~ especially with those stupid poles my nose got hit with it.. and also my foot...

my socks looks like i just got from a war .. my teacher said to take off our socks and dance bare footed in the campus gym and imagine that the floor is damn dirty
and he wants us to take our socks off~ hahaha im so stubborn i didnt take my socks off OH GOSH! i feel like i wanna QUIT but cant!! i dont feel like dancing~ i thought we dont have to go through with all those poles then again im wrong

i am currently using Mozilla FireFox, at first i thought FF really sucks then i realize that its not so bad after all... my Internet Explorer 8 is going haywire i cant hover the text and i cant even type! - my dad change some settings in our computer (im not the admin.) my dad put like a spyware so he can see what we've been doing (ps is that what you call it-spyware) and even my mails and messages in yahoo.. but who cares ive got nothing to hide about... but its kinda not nice how grown ups should interfere with teens business especially when they need their privacy

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