"Goodbye my love"

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september 22,08

shrek (codename) got bullied yesterday haha.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with that guy.. i think maybe hes just too full of himself, he even insult my girl classmate calling her "eva panda" eva mean a sexy or beautiful girl and panda means well.... we obviously know pandas are chubby ... heres what really happen though i didnt witness the first part and just the 2nd part, someone told me what had happened

who the hell is shrek? did u mean as in the movie SHREK?
- nope me and shel named that to one of my classmate that looks like one

why do you hate him so much?
- well.. basically he didnt do anything to me but he is too full of himself thinking he would get the highest score and he would even pass his testpapers first and even told the teacher if he could get the next test and in the end he gets the lowest scores! haha
and anw... even if he doesnt do anything when you see him you feel like bullying him

my classmates cornered shrek and begin bullying him about his hair (well not totally bullying just teasing him) then one of my girl classmate (bully) walked her way and fixed shrek's hair saying that his hair is sour then shrek walked out then pause at by the door then said "your are an eva panda" and then he run.. my girl classmate (bully) was so furious that she run after shrek and so are my classmates..

-searching for him outside the building-

she then found him back in our classroom, furiously she grab out the nearest water bottle and splash out shrek's PE shirt and begin lecturing him ..

PS im not one of the bullies i just watched them but i feel sorry for shrek tsk.
-so anyways hope you understand what im talking about-

currently lovin' the song "Goodbye my love" by tension ! *sniff*

the song is by tension not f4 hek~

Goodbye my love by tension lyrics

Dang shi wo mei hua ke shuo liang yan wu shen
Nao kong bai na xiao xi shi zai lai de tai kuai
Ye ke neng shi wo zi ji tai chong dong
Wu jie ni dui zhe you qing de qi dai
Ai qing xiang shi yi chang xi wo zhe chu
Shi ge bei ju mei yan wan jiu you zhe yang de jie ju
Huo xu shi wo zhen de bu dong ai qing
Wo hai neng guai shei zhi hao guai zi ji
Goodbye my love, wo dou ming bai sui ran
Wu nai hai shi yao kan de kai
Goodbye my love, my love
Duan zan de ai huo xu shi nian you yi tian
Ni cai hui zhen xi zhe yi duan ai ni bu hui ming bai
Wo xin you duo
Tong xin li hao tong
Goodbye my love
Why does this always happen
I guess it was over before it begin or perhaps
It was never meant to be
Zhi hao zai jin tian
Goodbye xian shuo, goodbye wo dou
Ming bai sui ran wu nai hai shi yao kan de kai
Goodbye my love bu xiang fen kai (duan zan de ai)
Huo xu shi nian you yi tian ni cai hui zhen xi wo wo de ai

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