this day is really BORING(!) i thought we have classes & i bring my big bag w/ full of crap(!) & it ended up that theres no classes(!) instead i play volleyball..then haiizz. why am i sayin' this(!) it just gets more boring & boring..boring..boring(!) as i was sayin' i ended up playing volleyball instead of shouting the hell out me(!) make sense huh?! ..

then..oh yeah(!) i met jie (jelli) 's sister. shes name is Joyce.. shes pweetty & got resemblace with jei *of course* haha..only that ateJoyce is slim & she looks like chinese.. maybe if jie would take or do some diet thingy.. shes would be pretty like her sister(!) i could almost imagine it.. oh yeah(!) jie's family treat me with pizza & water..kind of them *sniff*.. hmm..what else... after that..

me,isabel,raichelle tried to link asuka (taz) & yuna (diane) together..(!) then ended up that isabel & raichelle become a temporary messenger since they still dont want to talk to each other.. after that they decided to talk then have a conversation.. then that ends now they are friends(!) happy to both of them.. after that we play volleyball again(!) since im tired i got some rest then go home about 3:30 pm but since that crappy old bus isnt nowhere to be found ive decided to walk home(!)


helping hand..

hmm lets see.. oh yeah(!) me & tasneem go internet again in the library since our teachers not yet in the classroom & almost all of my classmates go outside to play volleyball..we go blogging and i help tasneem with her bloggie. which is still underconstruction now(!) & we also go to blogthings to do some quizzez. and monkey run to know the japanese name of taz & it goes like this: Yumi / Asuka.. cool ei(!)


Asuka shared lunch with me & jie (jelli) cuz the canteen line is damn-long(!) & we talk to the bleachers..& mani more..

my DUMBELL (!) is finally finished it took me an hour to do it & at school for 40 mins. wheeww(!) i was like hell when ive finished(!) haha

NSSP {nothing-so-special}

well..theres nothing i can say today expect for(!) fatima celebrate her birthday in the classroom w/ big size pizza .. && me, isabel, heaven, raichelle, diane play spin the bottle and who ever the bottle point to is the "It".. oh wait.. (!) tazmain lost her USB.. so sad.. eniweiz ill help her find it.. like what frends are for(!) & oh yeah my mom made me answer the mistakes in the exam.haizz. & i still have to do my PE project..the dumbell.... i dont know how to do it but(!) of corz. i have all the materials exept for the wood..ahaha..well ill find a way(!)


Test Results & friend problems

today hmmm..? well me & tasneem take our lunch at the bleachers then talk something private like friend problems(!) like that.. half of my side agree of what tasneem say b'coz.. its not really nice when ppl would criticize you b'coz of your religion.. of corz Tazmaine is a muslim & im a Christian..like so what(!) i dont care if taz is muslim.. if ur really a good friend to someone a frend would NEVER(!) critic your frend like that..for me.. i dunno..(?) i think im caught in between since i still didnt know what my other frend has to say(!) but. me?! well... ill just do my own business & not meedle in there problems but if they ask me for some scrupulous advice..i would be willing to give them..

collaborator - code name for someone

collaborator(!) ever wondered what that means go look in the dictionary (!) hahas.. for all i care.. ive never met someone like her in my entire 15 years of monotonous mind-numbing teenager life(!) she's very blurr(!) i really dont understand & dunno what the heck is wrong with her(!) to why shes like that..like this..& that.. sometimes i caught her two-faced, double dealing for short lying to me..(!) im lazy to explain it.. i just dont understand her attitude.. but one thing i know that is half way true is thats shes PLASTIC(!) hard headed poison mouth like plastic(!) & i think shes also a jealousy person

the most unusually thing that happened to me today is that ive become moreattentive to my studys now ,which is a miracle for me(!) haha..

Test Results.. some other testpapers have not yet given to us

Values - A-


Filipino - B+

Chemistry - C- { *ehe* minamadali ksi aq ni sir e(!) argh }

Geometry - B+

no sending of negative feedbacks(!)



today is my not-so-lucky day. the dsl card has expired already coz it only last for a month. haiizz.. this sucks(!) i can go internet but the connection is dead-slow(!) the vintage bag is out of my list in the carvings hiyeah(!) i think dad would buy the dsl card today at noon *sigh*

i bang my head on the double deck(!) ouch dat hurts. haha..

i really like this song. its entitled as "canon" you can here it in My sassy Girl korean movie


me & my lil bro(JR) cook some pancakes..&& when we eat up with mom & dad.. we ended up having the urgue(!) to go to the bathroom.. & i really dont know what the heck is wrong with my pancakes..*sigh*


t i r e d . . .

we went to the mall. me & my family (of corz) go shopping & grocery. ive carried 5 bags of grocery from home *ill call it a day* im bushed(!).. hey ill share u poem, entitiled "DONT"

Never in my life I expected,

Someone like you I always wanted.

Nothing in this world I really appreciated,

Until you smiled and made me twisted.

Something inside me caused this feeling,

this feeling I know will always be deafening.

My hearts ache that is silently screaming,

afraid to realise for you I'm nothing.

I've known that it's hard for you to see

That this unseen sadness is already killing me.

My fault for not setting you free,

But why can't you just love me for me?

This secret I've kept for five years now.

Since fifth grade, my chances are low,

'Cause we're too close to let it show.

I'd like to forget you, can you teach me how?

I've planned to tell it to you constantly

I don't want to wait until I die entirely

Can you stop a minute and talk to me solely?

i love you so much, please don't say I'm sorry.

i got saw this in ftalk. shes really good at writing poems(!)


EXAM is over

yey.. 2nd quarter examination is over & 3rd quarter here it comeshaha. * ****** **** *** * he rushed us out like that"masyado nya kming minamadali sa exams, kya ayaw q tlga s library e!! argh." & he gave us the testpapers like all in one(!) can u believe that when recess finished he gave us all the test {filipino,computer & values} and i havent still studied comp & i don knoe nothing im out to SUE himahaha better yet imma get him FIRED just kiddin' but half way true

{how easy is the exam..my rate}

Chemisty- C-

Filipino- B+

Computer- C+

Values- A-


2nd week {exams}

english, MAPEH && A.pan is our 2nd exam day subjects

its a lil bit easy but(!) Maam "G"make it hard for us to answer coz she put something that she didnt say to us in our coverage.. for short she is very BLURR(!) she included corinthina verses dat isnt supposed to be in our test(!)
good thing(!) i memorised it before our test papers are distributed.

aniweiz lets skip that crap(!) and move on past is past & present is present while tomorrows a gift(!)... we played "bang,sak" again: me & jellyanne & raichelle & tasneem & isabel & diane & imee.. jellyanne lose or got "sak" 3 times so we asked her truth or dare.. she pick dare. den isabel said dat " go all over the court about a lap and say hi to every student you see"

den dat ends here

how easy the test is.. my rate

english : A-



todays savings: 1 sr *sob*

all in all i got 107 horray(!)



ive updated my blog again(!) && got new url.

huhuhu.. my hand still hurts right now. cuz a hot boiling oil got all over me
its my fault i messed up...
but(!) oh well...

exams{1st day}

in geometry, its a bit difficult.. sir enriques said that we dont need the calculator. but when i saw the test . i need it after all (!) i freak out and good thing raichelle {chompy} had one. wheeww(!) save by it

How difficult is the exam.{My rate}

Geometry = B-

TLE = A-

Arabic = B

the only easy test paper i have taken on this day is TLE..

todays savings: SR 106


Nervousness, leg cramps, wrecked brain, sweat, new water bottle, pens, correction tape, and I am all set for examination week(!) i just hope that i wont forget everything what i studied for..


im currently searching on how to edit you own blog(!) but i cant understand everything *sign*
ill just edit my friendster so much easier that htmls


for REAL(!)

making pancakes for a living(!). my mom asked me to make pancakes again, since last night it takes good.. haha i never knew i would be such a good chef *laughs*.


huhu.. i got scars on my left wrist partically some careless times. it does really bind
so my mom put ice on it


maam magaliona prepared us a very long writings(!) & me of corz i didnt copy *grin*
but(!) instead i coped from hazel's writings..about 7 pages long.


hooray(!) for me. i already know how to deal with ions & formulas *claps*
but i still have to memorize it all *signs*


i really have no idea what to write here.. hmm let me see. since sir enriques wants us to check the boy's project about 10 pages long(!) thats a waste of time. instead i gave mine to hazel *grins* & i did my Filipino notes


finish at last

whoo.ive finished at last.. ive deleted all my other post cuz i think they suck(!)
ive been interneting about 8am in the morning waking up early at 6:47am
coz my parents wont let me use the computer(!) since exam is coming up.
im a bit weary now. so might as well take a nap