t i r e d . . .

we went to the mall. me & my family (of corz) go shopping & grocery. ive carried 5 bags of grocery from home *ill call it a day* im bushed(!).. hey ill share u poem, entitiled "DONT"

Never in my life I expected,

Someone like you I always wanted.

Nothing in this world I really appreciated,

Until you smiled and made me twisted.

Something inside me caused this feeling,

this feeling I know will always be deafening.

My hearts ache that is silently screaming,

afraid to realise for you I'm nothing.

I've known that it's hard for you to see

That this unseen sadness is already killing me.

My fault for not setting you free,

But why can't you just love me for me?

This secret I've kept for five years now.

Since fifth grade, my chances are low,

'Cause we're too close to let it show.

I'd like to forget you, can you teach me how?

I've planned to tell it to you constantly

I don't want to wait until I die entirely

Can you stop a minute and talk to me solely?

i love you so much, please don't say I'm sorry.

i got saw this in ftalk. shes really good at writing poems(!)

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