Test Results & friend problems

today hmmm..? well me & tasneem take our lunch at the bleachers then talk something private like friend problems(!) like that.. half of my side agree of what tasneem say b'coz.. its not really nice when ppl would criticize you b'coz of your religion.. of corz Tazmaine is a muslim & im a Christian..like so what(!) i dont care if taz is muslim.. if ur really a good friend to someone a frend would NEVER(!) critic your frend like that..for me.. i dunno..(?) i think im caught in between since i still didnt know what my other frend has to say(!) but. me?! well... ill just do my own business & not meedle in there problems but if they ask me for some scrupulous advice..i would be willing to give them..

collaborator - code name for someone

collaborator(!) ever wondered what that means go look in the dictionary (!) hahas.. for all i care.. ive never met someone like her in my entire 15 years of monotonous mind-numbing teenager life(!) she's very blurr(!) i really dont understand & dunno what the heck is wrong with her(!) to why shes like that..like this..& that.. sometimes i caught her two-faced, double dealing for short lying to me..(!) im lazy to explain it.. i just dont understand her attitude.. but one thing i know that is half way true is thats shes PLASTIC(!) hard headed poison mouth like plastic(!) & i think shes also a jealousy person

the most unusually thing that happened to me today is that ive become moreattentive to my studys now ,which is a miracle for me(!) haha..

Test Results.. some other testpapers have not yet given to us

Values - A-


Filipino - B+

Chemistry - C- { *ehe* minamadali ksi aq ni sir e(!) argh }

Geometry - B+

no sending of negative feedbacks(!)

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