for REAL(!)

making pancakes for a living(!). my mom asked me to make pancakes again, since last night it takes good.. haha i never knew i would be such a good chef *laughs*.


huhu.. i got scars on my left wrist partically some careless times. it does really bind
so my mom put ice on it


maam magaliona prepared us a very long writings(!) & me of corz i didnt copy *grin*
but(!) instead i coped from hazel's writings..about 7 pages long.


hooray(!) for me. i already know how to deal with ions & formulas *claps*
but i still have to memorize it all *signs*


i really have no idea what to write here.. hmm let me see. since sir enriques wants us to check the boy's project about 10 pages long(!) thats a waste of time. instead i gave mine to hazel *grins* & i did my Filipino notes

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