Mini Vacation 2k11

I should probably go out more often so I can take pretty pictures. This is a 2-weeks-late-poor-excuse-for-a-blog-entry that I was planning to blog about but too lazy since our blasted air-con broke off after our 2 days vacation since then I'm just too tired to function, I can't even sleep well.

Rant aside. My parents and my brother came to visit us. It has been a long long long time since I last saw my brother.... 2 years? yup.

(left-right: Mom, Sister, Me, Brother)

Last Time I checked my brother was just by my shoulders & now he's taller than me! (Awkward picture) HAHAHHAHAHA!

@ Chili's! Last time I ate at Chili's was when I was still in High school.

Well, hello there, you delicious plate of goodness!

Forgot what dish this was called, for the sake of it, I'm just gonna call it Smoked Ribs with side fats and unnecessary bones. What was a total waste. Half of it was fats and bones. Seriously.

Unlimited tacos

and my favorite ------ MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

(left-right: Dad, brother, and me)

@ Timoga Spring (Iligan City)... didn't get to swim =(( The trip was sudden, I didn't get to bring much clothes with me. FUU! plus our flight was early in the morning.

My lovely cousins from Bohol (Ate Meemhy and Aike)

Complete Family Picture with Relatives ♥
Happiest 2 days of my life.



Just think it's a good idea to put a cellphone chain in my phone bought it from SM Dept store. Hello to all my new followers! ヽ(´▽`)/

Private: Enchanted

Complicated stuffs that only I, Steffanie, the perfectly lazy & cluttered brain can understand ┐('~`;)┌


New phone!

It's a Samsung galaxy mini. It's about time, right? My parents bought this for me from Saudi. Hence there's like a Quran app inside, no matter how much I tried to delete/uninstall it just won't.

This wasn't exactly the phone that I had in mind. I was asking for the Samsung B3410 in white but somehow my parents bought this one instead.

The Galaxy mini has a white color version but my Dad bought the black one instead because according to him if it gets dirty it's not that highly noticeable. I'm not fan of phones in black color but anyways it's nice since the OS is Android so the touch function is pretty fast (Just like my iTouch) and doesn't lag like other touch phones.


You're missing out on life if

...you still haven't watched "Fast and Furious 5" aka Fast Five.

I'm not even kidding! the movie is EPIC! too epic to even talk about.

If you're the type of person who doesn't like watching action movies, i guarantee you would still LOVE this movie! You don't have to watched the other sequel, you would still understand this movie.

Also, You would come across a very nice music that would make you high (hahahaha!) and after you heard it you would search it at Google when you get home.

Great news! I'm saving you that time and tell you the name of the song right now. It's "Danza Kuduro" by Don Omar ft Lucenzo. You're welcome.

A little advice, after the credits of the movie.... keep watching there's more.


Uneven eyelids

I have uneven eyelids ಥ_ಥ but in this picture it made it too obvious (or swollen i guess) since I only slept for like 2 hrs and further more i was wearing contacts and made me extra sleepy in class. FU

Okay, Technically, I do have uneven eyelids which bothers me to no end. thank you very much.

P/S: If you are experiencing a hard time creating a new post here in blogger which i just experienced recently. Go to Settings -> change your post-editor settings to "Old". That should solve the problem. ʘ‿ʘ


In a nutshell

Finally saw my dad and my little brother after 2 years and my mom after a year, found out my brother is taller than me so I couldn't call him little any more.

Parents bought me netbook (finally) and new phone yey! bye-bye you sorry ass Sony Ericsson Z610i and hello Samsung galaxy mini.

Found out our School's wifi refused to function on Mozilla Firefox browser and only Internet Explorer (yck!) .... youtube is blocked too.

Had the most YUMMIEST YOGURT I've ever tasted from Frutti Froyo better than White Hat, I might add. Also, I made my very own combination of cheesecake and vanilla flavor yogurt + grahams + blueberries + mango coconut jelly and caramel syrup  =P

Attended a seminar called "Life Box" cause we are some what invited to since we have nothing better to do then wander around the school's hallways