Mini Vacation 2k11

I should probably go out more often so I can take pretty pictures. This is a 2-weeks-late-poor-excuse-for-a-blog-entry that I was planning to blog about but too lazy since our blasted air-con broke off after our 2 days vacation since then I'm just too tired to function, I can't even sleep well.

Rant aside. My parents and my brother came to visit us. It has been a long long long time since I last saw my brother.... 2 years? yup.

(left-right: Mom, Sister, Me, Brother)

Last Time I checked my brother was just by my shoulders & now he's taller than me! (Awkward picture) HAHAHHAHAHA!

@ Chili's! Last time I ate at Chili's was when I was still in High school.

Well, hello there, you delicious plate of goodness!

Forgot what dish this was called, for the sake of it, I'm just gonna call it Smoked Ribs with side fats and unnecessary bones. What was a total waste. Half of it was fats and bones. Seriously.

Unlimited tacos

and my favorite ------ MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

(left-right: Dad, brother, and me)

@ Timoga Spring (Iligan City)... didn't get to swim =(( The trip was sudden, I didn't get to bring much clothes with me. FUU! plus our flight was early in the morning.

My lovely cousins from Bohol (Ate Meemhy and Aike)

Complete Family Picture with Relatives ♥
Happiest 2 days of my life.


  1. your picture with your family is so nice..:D i feel the warmth of your love for each other ^^

    followed you btw. :D

  2. RE @ steph: haha..it's normal to feel that way..i always think if someone hits on a younger one it's pedo..haha..but after i watched this..i guess its not too much eyesore afterall hahaha :D

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