blog haul !! part 3

bought it at bench since they have a sale going on ...

yup! i really love over-sized shirts! yup! totally loved!

its time i buy a new one hahaha!

nothing more to say.....

next week will change my blog layout again... this time with navigation . okay buh-bye everyone!

shout out to lisa! thanks a lot for the dracula chair in pet society ^_^!! im lovin it


Flash Mob at Philippines

Flash Mob at Mall of Asia

i just saw this video like last week...i have no idea a flash mob was held here. It was dated back last October 8, 2009
anyways. who isn't gonna go to jollibee after seeing that? hahaha!


before and after

cleaned the whole condo. I've cleaned my desk first



maybe there isn't too much change.. haha! but yup...

Isabel will overnight at my place tomorrow so that explains the whole cleaning thing haha

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Terror Professor = FML !

today was my first day for my 2nd term in college. So basically, what i had today was well...... quite a day i wouldn't forget.

*begins lame story now*

My first subject 7:30am - PE

we only had like 30 minutes lecture and we all talk about is passing our index cards and yadda yadda... then me, my friend and some of my blockmates went to eat at Mcdo

then we ate there i went home because my next subject begins at 1:30 pm

*interlude trumpet sound*

it was pass 1:30 already and i was running late ... went straight to my room which is room 321 at the third floor for my Math subject.

The prof was already there and some of unfamiliar faces in the class. I wasn't wearing my glasses then when i wore it. i saw the writings in the white board which said

"HUM 16 - Philippine Literature
*insert professor's name*
MKT 321 1:30-3:00pm "

when i saw it.... my reaction was like:

first: running late and arrived at the room ->

second: puts on glasses and saw the writings in the whiteboard ->

FML! - FuckMyLife

* the professor is like a really TERROR one! i mean.. she was mumbling this mumbo jumbo that she doesn't want noisy students, about students who are late....

and that she doesn't want to be disturbed when she was speaking in front and the tone of her voice and some more long list of what not to do*

which i won't elaborate anymore cause all i hear is the beat of my heart out of being so nervous and.... yeah

when i was finding a way to excuse myself cause i got in the wrong room *which is not.. i bet they change the assigned room* anyways i look like this

when finally had the guts and to walk up to her and excuse myself. She gently said to me that the room i will be attending is change to room 323

then she announced at the whole class if anyone mistaken the room from another subject then they can leave

oh well... she wasn't that bad...


whatever.. shall now play sims 3 cause during our math class the professor dismissed us early


weird and unusual stuffs

Unusual toilet paper

Cheese grater? seriously?! HAHAHA!! no second thoughts of using that thing . uh-oh. all thought its a paper design only but it looks so painful

Weird Jacket

looks so CUTEE!!!! kawaii! ~ but uncomfortable

HAHA!! that's one cool socks! it actually looks like you got a converse shoes on


urh.. so weird. but i actually wanna try it on ... but im kinda afraid if people might mistaken it for a real rat and ended up running around and squishing my feet

100 dollar bill wallet


idk if i got the name right but anyway.. this hotel is so awesome! wish i could spend at least one night here....


they might think wearing this might put the children at ease ..... This is actually quite disturbing in my perspective especially the last one. Look like there gonna do something really bad and crazy thing to my teeth. They might make the children piss themselves *maybe im a bit overreacting* BUT LOOK AT THEM! they look like crazy people


remember the twin towers?


now that's what i call ART!! damn he's good!!!

ZOMG!! this actually looks like the real thing!! my favorite one is the lava! :) whats yours?

Interactive Mirror

ZOMG! i wish i have this kind of mirror! it looked so fun!

more unsual stuffs at (source: toxel )

got a tumblr acc!! visit: pocketme.tumblr.com


stupid and horrific ending

I'm sure by now a lot of you have watched "THE MIST" which is by the way a novel by Stephen King

just wanna say that this movie is a must watch! and well.... just wait till you see the ending! its the most horrific ending i have ever seen in my entire 17 years of watching these damn horror movies!

this movie is like a bit of "Silent Hill" mixed to it! for all those who have watched already.. remember the Bell?? its like an emergency bell something like that its the same as the bell in Silent Hill.

"Oooh! there's something in the mist... got freakin' tentacles"

watch trailer!


feel the back pains!

OMG!!! my back hurts like HELL ! *groans* as you can see I've been sitting in this chair in front of the laptop for 6 consecutive freakin' hours!


well... I've been plotting?? i don't really know what it's called but i say its plotting!
I've been "plotting" *now that awkward to say* my schedules for next term at first i thought it was a piece of cake so easy and fun but i thought wrong! it was like soooooo the opposite of it!

its damn STRESSFUL and and... well... stressful... yeah

i want to describe it why but right now its like quarter to 5 and i am SOOO SLEEPY!

i just wanna take this time out to blog. so yeah!

look at my stressful schedule! i got only 1 break! which is Sunday . *no choice*

ermm.. anyone can please do me a favor?? pretty please? hehe.. can click the nuffnang advert (if there is) for me?



grades.grade. GRADES!

i just checked my grades online. this isn't really the "grades" itself but this thing would just tell you if you passed or not.. so basically this is mine

taken means you "passed"
not taken means you didn't pass, your going to repeat the subject next term
in current load pending, grades still haven't done yet

so tomorrow will the the releasing of grades! i am so fcked if i failed math! but yeah. that's part of college life. I can already sense it that i could fail

as for algebra - i think there's a chance that i could pass *okay..scratch that* on the other hand.....

TRIGONOMETRY = no freakin' chance i could pass ... only in my dreams

enough of the nerve wreaking grades. yesterday, me and my sister watch "the ugly truth" at the cinemas

this is seriously FUNNY! and i mean it! i feel like im going to have heart failure anytime soon when i was watching it since i laugh so hard i was kicking myself! i was like this ->

.....stomping my feet at the ground!


Happy 17th birthday Jean

First of all, Jean! Happy 17th birthday to you!! wish you more b-days to come! hope you'll be as cheerful as always! Thanks for all the tutorials and for teaching me math *hekhek* Friends Forever!

we went to Mall Of Asia to celebrate her b-day! We took a stroll at the manila bay near the mall

then took some pictures then we watch Surrogates and the cinemas.

P/S: SURROGATES! a must watch movie! i really love it especially the ending wherein most exciting scenes are there.

we were seated where in the aircon is near us! when we watch the movie, so you can just imagine us shivering in coldness so all of us are like wiggling and i keep complaining that we should instead seat at the ground floor yadda yadda yadda!

then had starbucks!!!

i could write a thousands of words on how i had a lot of fun but i'm so damn sleepy! its 4AM and i still haven't sleep yet! i don't really worry that much since i don't have classes tomorrow! and this week is our ...

guess what?

SEMESTER BREAK! which only last a week but doesn't matter anw as long as i could take a break


Photobooth pics at timezone !

photo booth pictures at timezone! damn! that photo-booth is awesome! It was my first time going inside the booth so i have no idea how it works and everything that includes Jean too. so yeah!

but we manage to follow everything despite our noobness nevertheless I had a blast! especially when we didn't know that the thing got a timer on it so we hurriedly picked some frames or backgrounds we like and the most not-so-outrageous but fun when it's time to select the pictures we want to edit! so there's some pictures i want to include but we only had to pick like 6 out of 10.

we just kept on rushing on touching the screen cause we are almost running out of time! there's this time when i really don't want to include that picture cause i look like an emo person just starring at the walls.

*Jean select the photo of me being an emo*

Me: *stares at the photo* deselecting the picture
Jean: *select the picture again*
-time running out 20 seconds to go-
Me: *deselect* no!!! not this one! i look like emo here
Jean: but i like it! the concept on this photo is really nice! *select the photo again*
Me: no it doesn't! *deselect*
*10 seconds*
me and jean: nonotthisoneilooklikeafool!butilikeit!

then boom! blah blah blah! yeah! the photo got included *psshhh*

i hope i make sense cause i can't even understand the block of words letters I've just typed.

*that's me in white shirt and Jean in stripes*

the emo picture i was yappin' about.


Me and Laila webcam chat on yahoo msg.

it's been a long time since i chatted with my friend! ^_^ miss her truckloads man!

shoutout to laila: update your blog! nilalangaw na . hahaha!

p/s: my blog seriously is screwed when viewed in INTERNET EXPLORER!! *hmpft* best viewed in FIREFOX!