Flash Mob at Philippines

Flash Mob at Mall of Asia

i just saw this video like last week...i have no idea a flash mob was held here. It was dated back last October 8, 2009
anyways. who isn't gonna go to jollibee after seeing that? hahaha!


  1. Cool video :D

    Hehe but i wanna try stepping in there! It's definately gonna be fun!

    Feels like you living somewhere high above those clouds XD

  2. I feel like want to join them and the song after boom boom pow haha so nice XD

  3. @ pailin and lisa: ZOMG! i feel the same way ^_^

    @ Syahadah: im not really sure.. i think its like making just making a difference? haha! or for entertainment purposes

  4. OMG their dancing are all in the same count no one is losing out ! hope i could dance inside !!!

  5. Haha , thanks for your compliment on my blogshop . Haha :D Whoa , buying from me ? That's great but too bad , you're living in indonesia (I'm sorry , I don't really know where you stay but I know you dont live in Singapore ). :(

  6. sana nandoon ako nung nagyari yun! grabe it really got the crowd's attention! ^_^


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