feel the back pains!

OMG!!! my back hurts like HELL ! *groans* as you can see I've been sitting in this chair in front of the laptop for 6 consecutive freakin' hours!


well... I've been plotting?? i don't really know what it's called but i say its plotting!
I've been "plotting" *now that awkward to say* my schedules for next term at first i thought it was a piece of cake so easy and fun but i thought wrong! it was like soooooo the opposite of it!

its damn STRESSFUL and and... well... stressful... yeah

i want to describe it why but right now its like quarter to 5 and i am SOOO SLEEPY!

i just wanna take this time out to blog. so yeah!

look at my stressful schedule! i got only 1 break! which is Sunday . *no choice*

ermm.. anyone can please do me a favor?? pretty please? hehe.. can click the nuffnang advert (if there is) for me?



  1. Wow , 6 hours -.- I wonder how it feels like. Only Sunday? O.O My school ends early now. It finish straight away after we have finished our exams.

  2. my back hurts too when im on the computer too much but for 6 hours?!?! i can never survive. o_o

  3. There are various kinds of back pains.The other day some one was talking about a back pain from spondelosis which caused him dizziness and nausea.I have a pain coming up when I stretch my back to do some exercises.


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