Photobooth pics at timezone !

photo booth pictures at timezone! damn! that photo-booth is awesome! It was my first time going inside the booth so i have no idea how it works and everything that includes Jean too. so yeah!

but we manage to follow everything despite our noobness nevertheless I had a blast! especially when we didn't know that the thing got a timer on it so we hurriedly picked some frames or backgrounds we like and the most not-so-outrageous but fun when it's time to select the pictures we want to edit! so there's some pictures i want to include but we only had to pick like 6 out of 10.

we just kept on rushing on touching the screen cause we are almost running out of time! there's this time when i really don't want to include that picture cause i look like an emo person just starring at the walls.

*Jean select the photo of me being an emo*

Me: *stares at the photo* deselecting the picture
Jean: *select the picture again*
-time running out 20 seconds to go-
Me: *deselect* no!!! not this one! i look like emo here
Jean: but i like it! the concept on this photo is really nice! *select the photo again*
Me: no it doesn't! *deselect*
*10 seconds*
me and jean: nonotthisoneilooklikeafool!butilikeit!

then boom! blah blah blah! yeah! the photo got included *psshhh*

i hope i make sense cause i can't even understand the block of words letters I've just typed.

*that's me in white shirt and Jean in stripes*

the emo picture i was yappin' about.


Me and Laila webcam chat on yahoo msg.

it's been a long time since i chatted with my friend! ^_^ miss her truckloads man!

shoutout to laila: update your blog! nilalangaw na . hahaha!

p/s: my blog seriously is screwed when viewed in INTERNET EXPLORER!! *hmpft* best viewed in FIREFOX!

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  1. Steph, u're cute in the pic !
    I miss photobooth !


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.