{Elianto} blog haul

this gentlle facial scrub removes  impurities, clogged pores and dead skin cells leaving behind a layer of younger and healthier skin. It will restore and enchance the skin tine with a clear and tresh complexion.
Directions: Massge a small amount of the scrub in circular montion once then rinse with warm water.

i must say you can actually feel or notice the dead skin cells in your hands. :)

i seriously love elianto's range of nail polish! its so cute!

Elianto Baked Blusher (marble)

- sorry, my hand is just so pale. xD & for the black lines. - it's because of the eyeliner



YEY! my sister made me register at formspring since according to her is FUN.....

so yeah.. you could basically just type out any question and i will answer them :) you can leave yourself as anonymous or you can show yourself -.-


you can type the question at the sidebar or if you want to then visit my formspring profile 

yey for no breakouts!

"Elianto BB cream miracle white multiplex"

almost 1 month since i'm using this! and i'm proud to say i didn't had any breakouts!!

yey! it does even out your skintone and reduce finelines and could what not.
so i really like this bb cream. idk about skinfood's ginko bb cream though it smells kinda funny and a bit thick on the skin

YEY for the hair! haha LOLS! i actually manage to put my hair into a high bun!!


(ulzzang mikki - i love her shirt!!)

오호호호 오랜만에 글쓰는군 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ !!!!
 ohoho... its been a long time since i wrote! kekekekeke....

this month some "a-must-buys" for me.

1. Converse lowcut in natural unbleached white & jeans
2. Elianto cleansing tissue
3. Lanaige sebum control primer (i'm basically kidding about this one~ i just thought it's expensive)
4. Lanaige Shimmering Multi-Cream / Multi Cleanser / Elianto Green Tea Face Foam Cleanser
5. And this bag!!! im gonna order online.

and that's basically it :)

found a new korean cosmetics line at a mall... i was quite amazed since the endorser is no other than..... Goo Hye Sun!

currently LSS to "lollipop by mika"

thanks to all my new followers! i'm seriously shock since it's been a long time that i blogged

many truckloads of thanks to you guys! :)


wing ring?

i personally don't like any accessories in GOLD be it a necklace, earrings or bracelet.
but this, this is just so lovely! it makes me want gold wing stuffs HAHAHA!
short blogpost before i leave for school.


Secret to taking a good graduation photo

stumble across allkpop while rotting away here in my CS classroom cause our professor won't let us out until 4pm

and i have been here for like 3 goddamn hours already! it's seriously boring. B-O-R-I-N-G ! even though i get to surf the net and what not

so anyways,
i happen to come across allkpop entry about "SNSD's Seohyun reveals her secret to taking a good graduation photo"

As i was reading, she said that you would look the prettiest if you keep your face neat and clean.

i can't help but say this.....
well... good for her though she is already pretty with or without any paint in her face

then it made me remember my highschool ID!!!! i look so fckin horrible not to mention the uneven lightning, bad hair day and that stupid photo editor that made my face and chin so goddamn long!
and even my graduation picture! i came out really horrible >_< gahh!

for short, the secret??? their ain't a secret you just have to be pretty
next month i'am planning to buy the following not because i want it, it's because i BADLY needed it!

  •  A classic pair converse in natural (uncleached) white color! - lowcut

    why? my old converse with floral designes on it had a slit on the sides and the laces even broke

  •  And a pair of skinny jeans

    yeah :D but i'm still thinking about wether buying contacts lenses or not. I still have this phobia about contacts cause i don't really want to ended up infecting my eyes and go blind x_x
  • 2.13.2010

    letter you will love

    gah! i should post this last thursday then i forgot 

    Our professor in my SS11 (sociology) subject told us to make a letter - QUOTE: should be written in a stationary paper and the best will be displayed in the exhibit

    so the question? What letter are we gonna write? well...... it's about "If your going to heaven who are the five people your taking with you?"

    honestly, i seriously don't know what to write (-.-) i have a lot of people i want to take with me but 5 only?

    so anyways. Me and my friend plan to watch "Valentine's Day" starring all the famous stars on saturaday at Mall of Asia! YEY! i can't wait. It's been a long time since i last got in the cinemas.. okay, maybe not hahaha! but with a friend? well yes, it's been a long long time

    the last time i remember i was with my friends watching the cinemas was when we watch 2012!! HAHAHA! and i remember we were like 12 of us! yeah! it's really fun! seriously.. i miss the moments


    LG cyon lollipop 2

    Have you seen the new LG cyon lollipop 2 ????  the phone is like to-die-for ! its so cute. I really admire korea! they create such cute phones!

    i seriously don't care what the features are! but there is only one thing i know!


    ive got to get me one of these! it makes me forget the phone i'm saving for (LGKS360) but sadly, i think its not yet available in my country.. (boooo)

    P/S: from the looks of the pictures, i quite dont like the keypads its the same as the ice cream phone keypads and i hate it >.<


    i saw 4minute in personal !

    (should publish this yesterday but i forgot -.- so anyways, here it goes)

    saw them at Mall of Asia yesterday when me and my friend went to buy earphones, actually i have no freakin' idea that they will do an autograph signing there. So imagine my face when i saw them.

    But actually (hekhek) i don't really know them and not a fan myself but i heard about them in allkpop and soompi which i would say they are really popular and their songs are awesome.
    i think i only know one song - "Hot issue"

    (they look so pretty!)

    and seeing them in personal like up-close and that they are like those celebrity idols and i know there are people who would want to be in my place and would want to have their autographs and shaking their hands ....made me smile a bit :)

    so this was the time that they will take off then suddenly this "woman" here suddenly runs up Ga yoon and gave her kid then Ga yoon carry the woman's kid!

    damn! that kid is like so lucky!!

    then they take off and MY GOD! if you were there! i wouldn't believe my eyes! at first i thought something like this would only happen in dramas but hey! in there it feels like there was a huge stampede !! there were already security guards guarding them on the way to an exit near the comfort room then as always the fans rush outside the mall to see them.

    this whole korean celebrity music idol thingy made me think like if FT island would in there and doing autographs!

    actually that i can't stop thinking since they will be here in philippines next month!

    and the only thing i can't wait is to see LEE HONG KI and i think they would also do an autograph signing like 4 minute!

    GOD!!!! actually i would do everything to see them, i mean him! hahahahaha! :)) no matter how many people or "GIRLS" in general screaming and making their way to them... i would do the same too! HAHAHA!

    i mean who cares it's like once in your life you get to see your favorite idols in personal . right? haha!

    anyways.... i hope 2NE1 would come visit philippines as well.

    and oh! i would also love to get super junior's autographs! HAHAHA!

    P/S: i actually DON'T like it that people bash 4minute just because they think they copied the style of 2NE1, i mean... that's just wrong guys. Would you like it if other people bash your favorite idols? no, right?



    so tomorrow is my nstp class followed by my SS11 and Hum14

    I'm actually excited for our nstp class since we will have this "community visit" i dunno what community we are gonna visit but I'm pretty sure what ever it is i am quite excited :)

    and i'm gonna bring my camera along with me yeeey!!!!

    *crickets sound*

    i'm doing myself a challenge wherein i won't freakin cut my hair! cause i really want to have long hair, i envy all ya girls who have long straight/wavy/ curly hair *seriously* :(

    any advice?

    Super mini blog haul #01

    my 2nd elianto product that i bought. I actually bought this cause i saw it in candy mag :) and they say its really nice and all but i have yet to try it.

    i have it in "medium" color, i was looking for the their lightest one since i have a rather fair complexion to no avail but anyways I'm gonna try this one out :D

    and yup! next month i will start to buy more ELIANTO products! whooop!