letter you will love

gah! i should post this last thursday then i forgot 

Our professor in my SS11 (sociology) subject told us to make a letter - QUOTE: should be written in a stationary paper and the best will be displayed in the exhibit

so the question? What letter are we gonna write? well...... it's about "If your going to heaven who are the five people your taking with you?"

honestly, i seriously don't know what to write (-.-) i have a lot of people i want to take with me but 5 only?

so anyways. Me and my friend plan to watch "Valentine's Day" starring all the famous stars on saturaday at Mall of Asia! YEY! i can't wait. It's been a long time since i last got in the cinemas.. okay, maybe not hahaha! but with a friend? well yes, it's been a long long time

the last time i remember i was with my friends watching the cinemas was when we watch 2012!! HAHAHA! and i remember we were like 12 of us! yeah! it's really fun! seriously.. i miss the moments

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