yey for no breakouts!

"Elianto BB cream miracle white multiplex"

almost 1 month since i'm using this! and i'm proud to say i didn't had any breakouts!!

yey! it does even out your skintone and reduce finelines and could what not.
so i really like this bb cream. idk about skinfood's ginko bb cream though it smells kinda funny and a bit thick on the skin

YEY for the hair! haha LOLS! i actually manage to put my hair into a high bun!!


  1. wow :O
    aw, cute high bun ;D

    i'm ur daily blog reader :)
    may I put ur bloglink under my blogroll?
    please pretty please?

  2. @ Jiayi:
    thanks for being a daily reader of my blog :D
    and yeah of course. you can put my link

  3. cute bun!wee!!..hehehe..grrrr...bb cream...hahahaha!!mghhnp tlga aq nyan..bwahahaa!! XD xD


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