so tomorrow is my nstp class followed by my SS11 and Hum14

I'm actually excited for our nstp class since we will have this "community visit" i dunno what community we are gonna visit but I'm pretty sure what ever it is i am quite excited :)

and i'm gonna bring my camera along with me yeeey!!!!

*crickets sound*

i'm doing myself a challenge wherein i won't freakin cut my hair! cause i really want to have long hair, i envy all ya girls who have long straight/wavy/ curly hair *seriously* :(

any advice?


  1. community visit sounds like fun, di pa kasi ako nakakaranas nun xD

    short din ung hair ko, pero i hate it na, di mo kasi magawa ung gusto mong hairstyle, sayang ung long hair ko dati T^T

  2. omg i envy those long hair too!!

  3. You're so lucky ! I'm not really a fan of 4minute (exept Hyunna) but I think I'd like to talk to them a little bit...
    Asian stars never come in France, I wish it will change sooner or later

  4. to get long hair, just be patient. some ppl's hair grows faster than others, so getting hair to reach the middle of you back can take a while. My hair took about 1.5 yrs to grow from my shoulders to the middle of my back.


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