i saw 4minute in personal !

(should publish this yesterday but i forgot -.- so anyways, here it goes)

saw them at Mall of Asia yesterday when me and my friend went to buy earphones, actually i have no freakin' idea that they will do an autograph signing there. So imagine my face when i saw them.

But actually (hekhek) i don't really know them and not a fan myself but i heard about them in allkpop and soompi which i would say they are really popular and their songs are awesome.
i think i only know one song - "Hot issue"

(they look so pretty!)

and seeing them in personal like up-close and that they are like those celebrity idols and i know there are people who would want to be in my place and would want to have their autographs and shaking their hands ....made me smile a bit :)

so this was the time that they will take off then suddenly this "woman" here suddenly runs up Ga yoon and gave her kid then Ga yoon carry the woman's kid!

damn! that kid is like so lucky!!

then they take off and MY GOD! if you were there! i wouldn't believe my eyes! at first i thought something like this would only happen in dramas but hey! in there it feels like there was a huge stampede !! there were already security guards guarding them on the way to an exit near the comfort room then as always the fans rush outside the mall to see them.

this whole korean celebrity music idol thingy made me think like if FT island would in there and doing autographs!

actually that i can't stop thinking since they will be here in philippines next month!

and the only thing i can't wait is to see LEE HONG KI and i think they would also do an autograph signing like 4 minute!

GOD!!!! actually i would do everything to see them, i mean him! hahahahaha! :)) no matter how many people or "GIRLS" in general screaming and making their way to them... i would do the same too! HAHAHA!

i mean who cares it's like once in your life you get to see your favorite idols in personal . right? haha!

anyways.... i hope 2NE1 would come visit philippines as well.

and oh! i would also love to get super junior's autographs! HAHAHA!

P/S: i actually DON'T like it that people bash 4minute just because they think they copied the style of 2NE1, i mean... that's just wrong guys. Would you like it if other people bash your favorite idols? no, right?


  1. omg i was there too! bmli ako album at napa-sign ko! omg dabest yng arw n yn ! dmadami n kpop artist n pmpnta dto satin nkakaexcite! :D

  2. wow ang swerte mo naman T^T I saw them on tv and they really stand out. For me pinakamaganda si Hyun Ah, ewan ko, basta siya lang nakikita ko nun xD
    and they're really sweet, natawa pa ako when ji yoon said "bongga!"

    anyway, I don't think they copy 2NE1, iba naman ung dating sakin nung 2NE1 , inggit lang ung mga haters na un...

    hallyu wave hits the philippines xD
    if Super Junior yan siguro tumalon na ako dyan sa pwesto mo xD

  3. So Hyun kinda looks like Dara on your first photo. They must all look so pretty in person. :) Lucky you! Not a fan of 4minute, too but I like their song Hot Issue. Yeah, I hope 2ne1 and Big Bang visits Pinas, my gawd,I will go crazy!

  4. OMG OMG OMG! i wish am in Philippine :( always can see star! haha

  5. @sheidz omg nkausap nmin sales manager ng MCA, sv nila hopefully WG & BB will go here by April! sana matuloy! ~ they're working on it daw

  6. hello! i was there too^^
    i had the last batch in signing. my number was 365...so lucky! haha!

    geez! that day was really great!!

    maybe i saw you there...coz i saw those thingy that you've mentioned...like the guards, the kid and stuffs...


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