Secret to taking a good graduation photo

stumble across allkpop while rotting away here in my CS classroom cause our professor won't let us out until 4pm

and i have been here for like 3 goddamn hours already! it's seriously boring. B-O-R-I-N-G ! even though i get to surf the net and what not

so anyways,
i happen to come across allkpop entry about "SNSD's Seohyun reveals her secret to taking a good graduation photo"

As i was reading, she said that you would look the prettiest if you keep your face neat and clean.

i can't help but say this.....
well... good for her though she is already pretty with or without any paint in her face

then it made me remember my highschool ID!!!! i look so fckin horrible not to mention the uneven lightning, bad hair day and that stupid photo editor that made my face and chin so goddamn long!
and even my graduation picture! i came out really horrible >_< gahh!

for short, the secret??? their ain't a secret you just have to be pretty
next month i'am planning to buy the following not because i want it, it's because i BADLY needed it!

  •  A classic pair converse in natural (uncleached) white color! - lowcut

    why? my old converse with floral designes on it had a slit on the sides and the laces even broke

  •  And a pair of skinny jeans

    yeah :D but i'm still thinking about wether buying contacts lenses or not. I still have this phobia about contacts cause i don't really want to ended up infecting my eyes and go blind x_x

    1. i read that too :) madali lang sa kanya makakuha ng good photo kasi magandang maganda siya. kinakabahan na ako sa graduation photo ko x(

      wow wala kayong ginagawa for 3 hours? lucky!!! ako kasi walang pahinga :((

    2. [laughs]

      I wear contacts and I don't think that you can go blind or get infected eyes unless you're really careless about it. :3

      I've been wearing it for around 2 years and I'm fine, lols.


    Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.