taking a break~

im at iligan city now - back in my province .. i wouldnt expect to find an internet connection here... it was well.... unsecured.. and only 2 bars but guess what... the connection was pretty fast...

and this unsecured internet connection thingy isnt ours so i would consider myself lucky this time haha... all thanks to my cousin haha!

what was worse was that i forgot to bring my camera. my camera now is in my sister's place which is in manila.. argh! SO UNLUCKY! HATEEE IT

anw.. i got this new addiction on playfish besides pet society, its called "Restaurant City"

freaking nice okay!!! .. im addicted to it now.

i dont even know this game exist... look here at pet society's sidebar for playfish other games

so you see...there isn't a restaurant city logo there.... you have to get invited (i think)

i didnt know that game exist until someone invited me over.. haha


** ive just found out that the true translation of the drama was "over" and not "before".. ive found it after a lot of searching

so heres a preview of episode 25 since episode 24 is going to come out anytime now..

you know what! i so hate that new character "yumi" - such a freaking lier! she just wants to keep jun pyo to herself.. selfish girl!


Boys before Flowers Information

T-Max - “나쁜 마음을 먹게해” (ballad version), from the Special Edition additional OST and featuring Kim Joon on the narration. The title can be translated “Fight the bad feeling,” but the full connotation is something like, “I keep thinking, against my better judgment, these feelings that I know are wrong.”

eotteokhanya jakku nappeun maeumeul meokge dwae

ireomyeoneun andoeneungeol ara
geojitmal geojitmarira malhamyeon
naemaeumi dasi doragalkka
neomu mianhaeseo nungil motjugo
cheotmadireul mwollo hae

ttutdu ttutthtutdu ttutduru ttutdut ttutdu
ppapba ppapbapba

geudaen jakku nareul
nappeun maeumeul meokge hae
geudaereul itneun maeum
naegeneun joheun mam anya
neomu nappeun maeumiya
nappeun mamiya nappeun mamiya
uri sarang yeongwonhi eobseojijianha

nappeun maeumeul meokge hae
geudaereul itneun maeum
naegeneun joheun mam anya
neomu nappeun maeumiya
neomu nappeun mamiya neomu nappeun maeumiya
urisarang jiuneungeon
neomu nappeun maeumiya

ibyeori sirheunde geunyang neorang heeojigin jugeodo sirheo

museunmalhago jebal nal jaba jebal
jeongmal nae maeum byeonhage hajimalgo yejeoncheoreomman

geunyang yeppeuge naman bwajugo
hanmadiman haejumyeon

ttutdu ttutthtutdu ttutduru ttutdut ttutdu
ppapba ppapbapba

geudaen jakku nareul
nappeun maeumeul meokge hae
geudaereul itneun maeum
naegeneun joheun mam anya
neomu nappeun maeumiya
nappeun mamiya nappeun mamiya
uri sarang yeongwonhi eobseojiji anha

nappeun maeumeul meokge hae
geudaereul itneun maeum
naegeneun joheun mam anya
neomu nappeun maeumiya
neomu nappeun mamiya neomu nappeun maeumiya
urisarang jiuneungeon
neomu nappeun maeumiya

i've found something quite interesting today when i browse the dramabeans' lee min ho (BOF) site. and found this article

Lee Min-ho takes on yet another endorsement deal to join the others on his ever-growing list: brand model for cosmetics line Etude House. (He adds this to all the jeans, apparel, food, beverage, and cell phone advertisement deals he’s racked up since the start of Boys Before Flowers a mere two months ago.)

As a brand targeting the youth market, Etude House formerly featured young stars like Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus) and Go Ara (Who Are You); here in these newly shot ads, Lee Min-ho promotes the line alongside 20-year-old actress Park Shin-hye (Radish Kimchee, Goong S) — who, by the way, was a strong contender for the role of Jan-di before it went to eventual pick Gu Hye-sun.

oh well.. i think she would have been a great role as guem jan di


home sweet home

finally im in philippines already... so nice to be back ..

i'll just show some pictures since i dont know exactly how i should blog about the whole thing....

1st flight: Dammam airport -> Qatar airport

we first took an airplane to qatar (short stop over) then after 2-3 hours of waiting in qatar is our 9 hour flight back to philippines

while waiting.. the airport had this really cool indoor mini shopping mall (p.s i dont really know what they call it)

i took a risk by taking this picture.... this was my 2nd time in qatar airport... unfortunately, people were not allowed to take pictures and stuff like that but my mom suddenly pulled out her camera and took some picture but then i was so tempted i took some pictures that i got scolded by a bald headed sales person in his freaking black suit

why the hell cannot take pictures?! you freakin a-hole as if im gonna take a pictures of your shitty face.

i love this lion teddy bear! so kawaii~

inside of the plane.. 9 hours flight back to phil

i so love Qatar airways. why? cause they have this tv thing in front of you.... and not only that. there are tons of movies, tv shows, games, musics, videos and a lot more!

so damn nice.. the latest movie was also in there.. you had this remote control on the right side of your arm rest and just pick out which movies you like..

i watch.. twiligt (yes i have watch it already... but i just wanna watch it again.. and no i am not addicted to twiligt....it makes me sick how much i have seen his (edward/robert pattinson) pictures all over friendster), slumdog millionaire, beverly hills chichuachua, king kong, the day the earth stood still, the others, hannah montana, baby looney toons (hehehe.. im justbored), lizzie mcguirze and played games also hehe..

the only thing i dont like is when my lil bro has been such an ass.. i just hate it when my lil bro had to sit beside me... he was so loud and keeps telling me about this and that like he was older then me and keeps telling me and bugging me too death about how it works.. *such an ass* i already know how it works.

and keeps going at the cr and he had to sqeeze his way out of the seat cause he it sitting at the middle and i was at the side (that makes me the unlucky one)

okay.. at the cabin lavatory (CR of the plane) is really freaked me out when you flushed the toilet and it make this really loud noise like as if the toilet is going to eat you up

and aside from that... i couldn't forget about this part when this stewardess came up to me to give me my food and said

"miss... what would you like to eat?"

-and i just stared at her blank-faced and dont know what to reply except...

"orange juice"

then she said again... this time like she look really impatient and i almost want to spit at her

"what would you like to eat?"

i remember this part about stewardess giving asking us about our food but this is ridiculous.. i have never met about a stewardess asking me what the hell i would like to eat.. basically... she should have said "beef or chicken?"

okay... since you want to know what i would like to eat so much then fine... i would like to eat well done steak, french fries, nachos, hamburger, sushi, rice, salad, and chocolate ice cream...

now can you give me all that... *glares*

so then after 9 hours of torture i have finally arrived in manila.. it was pretty quite.. we arrived like 2 am?

------so anwwww...----

tomorrow, we are going to go to makati to have my course slot reserved then head to Mall of Asia! (woohhhh)

on march 29 - we will take a flight to our province in iligan then at
april 22 - head back to manila again
april 24 - enrollment in college

ending this post with my addiction

big thanks to xiaotiing for sending me all those BOF musics/photos and lee min ho pics


OMG! BOF EP 23 preview!

i just watch the preview of episode 23 of Boys before flowers.. and guess what


that evil witch (jun pyo's mom) lied! *CURSE YOU*

jun pyo's father was just in a state of coma in the hospital and that evil witch lied to all the world and her kids!

Boys Before Flowers Long Preview on Episode 23

Boys Before Flowers Preview on Episode 22

2 more days to go!! & guide to get the images

okay. i just went to school today to get my report card, diploma and some important things. it was all going smoothly but then when me and my mom returned we were locked from the outside with my sleeping beast little brother is inside... we kept ringing and banging the door but well.. you see.. my lil bro is hard to wake up okay... he cant even wake up when the alarm clock rang..

so we went to the mall instead

so anw. what my mom did was she called inside the house... the telephone just keep ringing okay.. my lil bro is still asleep... wtf. the bro cant even wake up in a loud alarm clock what less can a mere telephone could do okay!


i know some parts of the blogskins i have contributed had been deleted or reached its bandwidth in photobucket alreaddy.. actually you can get the images in the main page of the skin itself...

just click on the links found at the right side of the comments area..
when clicked..

right click > save image
then host it in photobucket and get the url or the image then just replace the url of the codes to your own

for more questions regarding about this.... just comment on this blog post okay... I WILL NOT REPLY YOU ON MY TAGBOARD

so anwwwww.... i just finish watching HANA YORI DANGO FINAL (movie) in mysoju. omg i didnt even know it exist.. but the movie is really very nice.. i love the song "one love by arashi" at first it thought "arashi" is a person but it is a group.. i didnt even know domyouji could sing

I TAGGED YOU!!!!!!!!!

1. Two argument topics that would REALLY get you going.
- about being lazy
- sleeping all day

2. Two songs you've listened to a lot lately.
- Because I am stupid by ss501
- Yearning of the heart by a'st1 (mostly Boys over flowers ost)

3. Two things you usually get complimented on.
- height (jizzz)
- for some reason they say i look like korean

4. Two things you want pierced on you.
- a stud on the nose haha!
- belly pierce? (okay.... i dont have any intention or whatsoever to pierce my belly or nose..)

5. Two tattoos you want.
- butterfly tattoo! (fake ones)
- or heart one

6. Two animals you like.
- jellyfish *points at how cute the new jellyfish toy in pet society*
- dogs who are cute

7. Two occupations you consider for your future.
- tourism (any kind will do)
- anythingggggg.~~~

8. Two things most people don't know about you.
- i have a sensitive skin
- i dont eat....... tomatoes

9. Two of your exes.
- i dont have exes

10. Two ugly names.
- assholes &
- bastards

11. Two foods you like to eat.
- chocolate meltdown
- chicken big mac

12. Two stores you buy stuff from the most.
- zara
- new yorker

13. Two numbers you like.
- 84
- 45

14. Two of your favorite school subjects.
- recess
- lunch

15. Two things you hate.
- hate doing nothing
- hate being bored (well yeah)

16. Two people you love.
- friends
- family

17. Two people who should run for president.
- me (just kidding)

18. Two things you do a lot.
- netting
- sound tripping

19. Two things you do in the shower.
- scrub myself with soap
- wash my hair

20. Two places you go a lot.
- my room
- my bed :D

21. Two hairstyles you want to try.
- long hair with medium layers at the top
- not so curly hair

22. Two things you want to buy but don't have enough money for.
- ice cream phone 2 T_T
- ipod nano chrome

23. Two Green Day songs you like.
- (i dont listen to green day songs)

24. Two colors you usually paint your nails.
- transparent
- french tip

25. Two languages you want to learn.
- Hangul (korean)
- nihongo (japanese) *i wonder if i spelled it right)

26. Two instruments you'd like to learn to play.
- piano (i already know how to play piano ... but i want to learn to play by ear)
- saxophone

27. Two dream cars.
- (no idea)

28. Two boy's names you like.
- lee min ho &
- jun pyo (HEHEHE) =^^=

29. Two girl's names you like.
- Hikaru
- Aiko

30. Two ethnicities of yours.
- (no idea)

31. Two of your favorite teachers.
- MJS *i will put in initials only*
- AM

32. Two best friends from elementary school.
- Isadora
- Kirstie

33. Initials of two people you hate.
- I
- R

34. Two words to describe you.
- being
- myself ^_^

35. Two colors you want to dye your hair one day.
- light brown
- super light brown

36. Two of your favorite seasons.
- winter
- rainy days

37. Two hairstyles you usually wear your hair in.
- clipping it..?
- just letting it free?

38. Two nouns that begin with the same letter as your first name.
- Star? *in capital letter* ---- NO IDEA
- Saturn?

39. Two electives you've taken.
- (none at the moment)

40. Two people you go to for advice.
- (myself) *seriously i don't ask for advices

41. Two names you'd name your band if you had one.
- blockheads or
- noobs *haha!*

42. Two colors you'd like for your wedding dress.
- its always been white (jizzzzzz)
- but i think beach wedding theme is the best

43. Two types of shoes you like.
- sneakers? (converse)
- vans

44. Two trends you can't stand.
- those with techno colors
- (only one)

45. Two of your favorite drinks.
- ice tea
- fanta

46. Two things people do that annoy you.
- bugging me to death
- being noisy/pushy

47. Two things you look for in a significant other.
- sincere?
- ......

48. Two things that aren't legal, but you think should be.
- dunnooooo

49. Two fonts you like.
- sdkwang
- verdana

50. Two good memories from middle school.
- being free!
- one of the days when I C S S M C R D

i tag...
- my sis (lyra)
- lorraine
- laila
- xiaotiing
- agnes
- amelia
- xiaorene
- natalie
- bianca
- eunice
- lisa
- wendy
- pailin
- joanne


Graduation Day

our Graduation day ... sure its really super tiring especially because we were wearing heels and i feel like my feet is about to explode.. anw.. most of my classmates and friends are crying... and i think i'm the only one that hadn't shed a tear ..... anw... when it was time to get our diplomas, i didn't know that our graduation solo picture would be displayed in a big projector screen for all to see .. talk about that.. i just hate my grad picture .. i look like some kind of alien and i hid that picture somewhere under my bed for no one too see and i spoke too soon... talk about hiding it. now it is now exposed to the public..

after the grad. we all went out to eat at apple bee's

my most FAVORITE OF ALL!!!


after eating at Apple bee.. went to jarir bookstore .

saw this car while walking at jarir... freaking nice...

my parents bought this camera for my sis in phil .. its like an early graduation gift... the camera is really nice... mine is somewhat same like that but the color is light pink but 8 M... that camera is 10 M

like are you kidding me 10 mega pixel?!?! all your blackheads and zits will be seen haha.. anw.. i always put mine in VGA (saves memory and faster to put in the computer)

and ... my new pink sony earphones for my lappy


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3 more freaking nights until our flight!