2 more days to go!! & guide to get the images

okay. i just went to school today to get my report card, diploma and some important things. it was all going smoothly but then when me and my mom returned we were locked from the outside with my sleeping beast little brother is inside... we kept ringing and banging the door but well.. you see.. my lil bro is hard to wake up okay... he cant even wake up when the alarm clock rang..

so we went to the mall instead

so anw. what my mom did was she called inside the house... the telephone just keep ringing okay.. my lil bro is still asleep... wtf. the bro cant even wake up in a loud alarm clock what less can a mere telephone could do okay!


i know some parts of the blogskins i have contributed had been deleted or reached its bandwidth in photobucket alreaddy.. actually you can get the images in the main page of the skin itself...

just click on the links found at the right side of the comments area..
when clicked..

right click > save image
then host it in photobucket and get the url or the image then just replace the url of the codes to your own

for more questions regarding about this.... just comment on this blog post okay... I WILL NOT REPLY YOU ON MY TAGBOARD

so anwwwww.... i just finish watching HANA YORI DANGO FINAL (movie) in mysoju. omg i didnt even know it exist.. but the movie is really very nice.. i love the song "one love by arashi" at first it thought "arashi" is a person but it is a group.. i didnt even know domyouji could sing

I TAGGED YOU!!!!!!!!!

1. Two argument topics that would REALLY get you going.
- about being lazy
- sleeping all day

2. Two songs you've listened to a lot lately.
- Because I am stupid by ss501
- Yearning of the heart by a'st1 (mostly Boys over flowers ost)

3. Two things you usually get complimented on.
- height (jizzz)
- for some reason they say i look like korean

4. Two things you want pierced on you.
- a stud on the nose haha!
- belly pierce? (okay.... i dont have any intention or whatsoever to pierce my belly or nose..)

5. Two tattoos you want.
- butterfly tattoo! (fake ones)
- or heart one

6. Two animals you like.
- jellyfish *points at how cute the new jellyfish toy in pet society*
- dogs who are cute

7. Two occupations you consider for your future.
- tourism (any kind will do)
- anythingggggg.~~~

8. Two things most people don't know about you.
- i have a sensitive skin
- i dont eat....... tomatoes

9. Two of your exes.
- i dont have exes

10. Two ugly names.
- assholes &
- bastards

11. Two foods you like to eat.
- chocolate meltdown
- chicken big mac

12. Two stores you buy stuff from the most.
- zara
- new yorker

13. Two numbers you like.
- 84
- 45

14. Two of your favorite school subjects.
- recess
- lunch

15. Two things you hate.
- hate doing nothing
- hate being bored (well yeah)

16. Two people you love.
- friends
- family

17. Two people who should run for president.
- me (just kidding)

18. Two things you do a lot.
- netting
- sound tripping

19. Two things you do in the shower.
- scrub myself with soap
- wash my hair

20. Two places you go a lot.
- my room
- my bed :D

21. Two hairstyles you want to try.
- long hair with medium layers at the top
- not so curly hair

22. Two things you want to buy but don't have enough money for.
- ice cream phone 2 T_T
- ipod nano chrome

23. Two Green Day songs you like.
- (i dont listen to green day songs)

24. Two colors you usually paint your nails.
- transparent
- french tip

25. Two languages you want to learn.
- Hangul (korean)
- nihongo (japanese) *i wonder if i spelled it right)

26. Two instruments you'd like to learn to play.
- piano (i already know how to play piano ... but i want to learn to play by ear)
- saxophone

27. Two dream cars.
- (no idea)

28. Two boy's names you like.
- lee min ho &
- jun pyo (HEHEHE) =^^=

29. Two girl's names you like.
- Hikaru
- Aiko

30. Two ethnicities of yours.
- (no idea)

31. Two of your favorite teachers.
- MJS *i will put in initials only*
- AM

32. Two best friends from elementary school.
- Isadora
- Kirstie

33. Initials of two people you hate.
- I
- R

34. Two words to describe you.
- being
- myself ^_^

35. Two colors you want to dye your hair one day.
- light brown
- super light brown

36. Two of your favorite seasons.
- winter
- rainy days

37. Two hairstyles you usually wear your hair in.
- clipping it..?
- just letting it free?

38. Two nouns that begin with the same letter as your first name.
- Star? *in capital letter* ---- NO IDEA
- Saturn?

39. Two electives you've taken.
- (none at the moment)

40. Two people you go to for advice.
- (myself) *seriously i don't ask for advices

41. Two names you'd name your band if you had one.
- blockheads or
- noobs *haha!*

42. Two colors you'd like for your wedding dress.
- its always been white (jizzzzzz)
- but i think beach wedding theme is the best

43. Two types of shoes you like.
- sneakers? (converse)
- vans

44. Two trends you can't stand.
- those with techno colors
- (only one)

45. Two of your favorite drinks.
- ice tea
- fanta

46. Two things people do that annoy you.
- bugging me to death
- being noisy/pushy

47. Two things you look for in a significant other.
- sincere?
- ......

48. Two things that aren't legal, but you think should be.
- dunnooooo

49. Two fonts you like.
- sdkwang
- verdana

50. Two good memories from middle school.
- being free!
- one of the days when I C S S M C R D

i tag...
- my sis (lyra)
- lorraine
- laila
- xiaotiing
- agnes
- amelia
- xiaorene
- natalie
- bianca
- eunice
- lisa
- wendy
- pailin
- joanne

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