taking a break~

im at iligan city now - back in my province .. i wouldnt expect to find an internet connection here... it was well.... unsecured.. and only 2 bars but guess what... the connection was pretty fast...

and this unsecured internet connection thingy isnt ours so i would consider myself lucky this time haha... all thanks to my cousin haha!

what was worse was that i forgot to bring my camera. my camera now is in my sister's place which is in manila.. argh! SO UNLUCKY! HATEEE IT

anw.. i got this new addiction on playfish besides pet society, its called "Restaurant City"

freaking nice okay!!! .. im addicted to it now.

i dont even know this game exist... look here at pet society's sidebar for playfish other games

so you see...there isn't a restaurant city logo there.... you have to get invited (i think)

i didnt know that game exist until someone invited me over.. haha


** ive just found out that the true translation of the drama was "over" and not "before".. ive found it after a lot of searching

so heres a preview of episode 25 since episode 24 is going to come out anytime now..

you know what! i so hate that new character "yumi" - such a freaking lier! she just wants to keep jun pyo to herself.. selfish girl!

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