home sweet home

finally im in philippines already... so nice to be back ..

i'll just show some pictures since i dont know exactly how i should blog about the whole thing....

1st flight: Dammam airport -> Qatar airport

we first took an airplane to qatar (short stop over) then after 2-3 hours of waiting in qatar is our 9 hour flight back to philippines

while waiting.. the airport had this really cool indoor mini shopping mall (p.s i dont really know what they call it)

i took a risk by taking this picture.... this was my 2nd time in qatar airport... unfortunately, people were not allowed to take pictures and stuff like that but my mom suddenly pulled out her camera and took some picture but then i was so tempted i took some pictures that i got scolded by a bald headed sales person in his freaking black suit

why the hell cannot take pictures?! you freakin a-hole as if im gonna take a pictures of your shitty face.

i love this lion teddy bear! so kawaii~

inside of the plane.. 9 hours flight back to phil

i so love Qatar airways. why? cause they have this tv thing in front of you.... and not only that. there are tons of movies, tv shows, games, musics, videos and a lot more!

so damn nice.. the latest movie was also in there.. you had this remote control on the right side of your arm rest and just pick out which movies you like..

i watch.. twiligt (yes i have watch it already... but i just wanna watch it again.. and no i am not addicted to twiligt....it makes me sick how much i have seen his (edward/robert pattinson) pictures all over friendster), slumdog millionaire, beverly hills chichuachua, king kong, the day the earth stood still, the others, hannah montana, baby looney toons (hehehe.. im justbored), lizzie mcguirze and played games also hehe..

the only thing i dont like is when my lil bro has been such an ass.. i just hate it when my lil bro had to sit beside me... he was so loud and keeps telling me about this and that like he was older then me and keeps telling me and bugging me too death about how it works.. *such an ass* i already know how it works.

and keeps going at the cr and he had to sqeeze his way out of the seat cause he it sitting at the middle and i was at the side (that makes me the unlucky one)

okay.. at the cabin lavatory (CR of the plane) is really freaked me out when you flushed the toilet and it make this really loud noise like as if the toilet is going to eat you up

and aside from that... i couldn't forget about this part when this stewardess came up to me to give me my food and said

"miss... what would you like to eat?"

-and i just stared at her blank-faced and dont know what to reply except...

"orange juice"

then she said again... this time like she look really impatient and i almost want to spit at her

"what would you like to eat?"

i remember this part about stewardess giving asking us about our food but this is ridiculous.. i have never met about a stewardess asking me what the hell i would like to eat.. basically... she should have said "beef or chicken?"

okay... since you want to know what i would like to eat so much then fine... i would like to eat well done steak, french fries, nachos, hamburger, sushi, rice, salad, and chocolate ice cream...

now can you give me all that... *glares*

so then after 9 hours of torture i have finally arrived in manila.. it was pretty quite.. we arrived like 2 am?

------so anwwww...----

tomorrow, we are going to go to makati to have my course slot reserved then head to Mall of Asia! (woohhhh)

on march 29 - we will take a flight to our province in iligan then at
april 22 - head back to manila again
april 24 - enrollment in college

ending this post with my addiction

big thanks to xiaotiing for sending me all those BOF musics/photos and lee min ho pics

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