ive updated my upper portion and the lower portion.. ive added something kawaii!!! im so so loving it.. i did it in my sister's laptop... not bad huh? i find mozilla find cool! ive just realized it! it loads so fast, no pop ups and laggish free hehe

btw ive got a button for my webbie.. actually it isnt that much... ill edit it later

oh! jizz.. another day with nothing to do except watching movies and going online.... life here is so BORING!! it SUCKS! but im already used to it.. so anyway.. what can i say

i just wanna thank all my friends and others out there for voting me in "Best Teen blog awards 2008" hosted by candymag.com keep those votes coming hehe..
anyway.. i practically dont care if i dont win at least i know that there are also someone that cares..
ill do better next time...


Name your top 8 friends (can be from MySpace or in real life)
1. lorraine
2. tasneem
3. raichelle
4. clarrence
5. isabel
6. diane
7. laila
8. emerald

~What's their friendster's screenname?: GuiGui
~Would you consider this person your best friend?: of course!
~Did you two ever have an argument over a jealousy issue?: nah!
~Can you see yourself being friends with this person forever?: yah! even though were far apart she still my bestfriend
~How long have they been in that spot?: uhmm.. 3 years already.
~Do they get along with your other friends?: yup!
~How old were you when you met?: 12 years old?
~I know labels suck, but smack one on them, just for fun: okay???
~What's the area code of their number?: i forgot.. but somewhere around canada
~Last time you saw this person?: when we go out malling for the very last time

~This person is travelling out of the country for two weeks. What will you do while they're gone?: uhmm... i will be sitting infront of the computer
~Has this person dated any of your exes/crushes?: nah! she usually dont date
~Who's the last person they dated?: she dont date anyone
~Do you text eachother often?: yup
~Who's more well off (money wise), you or them?: them!
~What's one thing that stands out about them?: shes understanding and friendly
~Have they changed since when you first met to now? Good or bad change?: good change.. she finally moved on with her life
~Their favorite movie is...: uhmmm... i dont know maybe.. naruto?
~Are your parents good friends with their parents?: i guess
~Stupidest thing you got into a fight about?: nah! we never got to a fight

~Is this person a Republican or Democrat?: probably just a student
~Would you ever date this person?: no! well... shes my friend
~When you two first met, did you hit it off right away or was there rocky parts?: what kind of question is this?!?!
~Do you get along with their siblings?: idk.
~What's their middle name?: i think its letter C ?
~Do their parents approve of you?: what?!?!?! im not a boy wanting to get approved at.. so boo yah!
~Name one of their friends that you don't like.: none
~What were they wearing the last time you saw them?: a shirt and pants?
~What's one "weird" thing that they do?: THEY??!?!?
~What religion are they?: roman catholic..?

~Do you and this person share the same interests in music?: i guess
~Have you ever eaten over this person's house?: nah! but she already have eaten at our place
~What about slept over?: at camping only
~What's one thing this person has always wanted?: the love of her life
~If this person told you they were pregnant/got someone pregnant, would you believe them?: yup! she probably needs help
~Do your parents approve of this person?: approve what?
~How did you guys meet?: at school
~Is this person a male or female?: female
~Who got a cellphone first, you or them?: me
~Name one thing this person has that you're jealous of.: she has fair skin and straight hair

~What classes do you have with this person, if any?: all of the classes
~Do they do well in school?: yup! shes smart
~This person confesses their love for you, whether they're of the same sex or not. What do you do?: NO WAY!!!! shes a straight FEMALE!! and that aint gonna happen
~Be honest; what was your first impression of this person?: to be honest also i dont stereotype
~Did you meet anyone interesting through this person? Who?: uhmm.. idk
~What grade were you in when you met them?: grade 6
~Worst fight you two ever got into?: nah! never gotten
~Would you consider this person your best friend or just one of your close friends?: close friend
~Have you and this person ever gone on a date?: nah! just a bonding thing will all of our friends also
~If given the chance, would you switch warddrobes with them (assuming everything would fit you right)?: nah.. im stable with mine

~Best and worst quality about this person?: best: shes helpful, generous, and kind.. worst: well she holds too much pride
~What mutual friends do you two have?: i dunno
~This person's favorite food is...: all i guess
~It's a Saturday night; what would you expect this person to be doing?: at her house?
~If this person asked you for a ride to the local mall, would you drive them?: of corz...
~Is this person obsessed with anything (ex. a certain word, a band, a food, etc.)?: japanese stuffs just like me
~Do you see each other more in school or outside of school?: at school.. were classmates
~Would you consider this person to be "preppy"?: i guess
~What's the last thing they complimented you on?: i forgot
~Name one aspect of this person's appearance that you like the best.: her eyelashes are the greatest! it curves naturally.. well i?? i just have eyelashes

~What's this person's favorite band?: boys like girls??
~Did you ever have a phone conversation with this person that lasted more than 10 minutes?: nah
~How often do you talk to them through instant messaging?: yup
~Did this person ever betray you in any way?: nah
~Have you ever been in their house? What's it like?: nah. never been.. its pretty far away from mine
~Do any of your friends hate this person and trash talk them all the time?: nope..
~If this person got an A+ on a hard math test, would you think they cheated?: probably she studied
~If this person was thinking about dropping out of school (assuming that they're in school), what would you say to them: well.. success beguins at school... what are you gonna do in your future?
~Did this person ever get detetion before?: nah
~You're an hour away in a different town and you need a ride home. Do you think this person would come and get you?: i dont know hehe

~Where does this person work?: she doesnt work.. still on her school
~Why are they last?: uhmmm.. i dont know... are are still like well... theres a friend also i want to put in the list but its limited.. well i say shes lucky
~Weirdest memory you have of them?: when we are left in the school while others are out in holiday inn
~There's a circus in town and you want to go. Would this person accompany you?: i think... if shes not that busy
~How old is this person, and how old do they really act?: they act normally and shes fifteen
~What's their shoe size?: who knows? 5? or 6?
~Have they ever dated one of your other friends?: i dont know
~If this person called you and said, "I just got laid!" would you believe them?: i guess haha
~Is this person more of a goody two shoes or a rebel?: goody two shoes! haha
~What color do they wear most often?: red? or blue? i have no idea


oh wow!!!

wowowow!! i finally found those kawaii smilies they are currently in my tagboard and using them ill credit the website and no ones gonna stop me from using them cause ive found the original owners

PLS DONT RIP THEM OFF MY TAGBOARD! get your own @ ChocoChoco

this is so FUNNY! look here..

new semester
after 1st week
after 2nd week
Before the Mid-Term Test:
During the Mid-Term Test:
After the Mid-Term Test:
Before the Final Exams:
Once Get to Know the Final Exam Schedule:
7 Days Before the Final Exam:
6 Days Before the Final Exam:
5 Days Before the Final Exam:
4 Days Before the Final Exam:
3 Days Before the Final Exam:
2 Days Before the Final Exam:
1 Day Before the Final Exam:
The Night Before the Final Exam:
1 Hour Before the Final Exam:
During the Final Exam:
Once Walk Out From the Examination Hall:
After the Final Exam, During the Holiday:



finally ive updated my site with a new hosting url: www.punch-that-goblin.co.nr
hosted by: freedomain and for more.. pls go look at the credits section.

updates also with a new blogskin. basecodes courtesy detonatedlove

im loving my layout right now



whats happened to blogskins now??? its damn polluted! polluted with hideaous, crapped up skins and no-effort skin...... so many relink skins that so boring with just a font and honestly theres really no effort and some skins are half ripped...


if they dont know how to make one.... i mean if they think its lame or something they even dont wanna use cause its made by some crap.. why do they have to submit it!!! they are totally out of their minds! completely out of their rocking chair

PS i dont mean to be harsh or something

anyway... watch this video... so damn hilarious!!!!!

by: valentine hasan

it should be "without you" by mariah carey instead she pronounced it wrong haha but from all her mistakes she got so famous in youtube.com and everywhere .... well honestly i enjoy watching this

valentina has improved her english KEN LEE

im so knocked out! she is worser than janina!! haha


end of the story

and it's like being hit by a truck over & over again but you stay in the road because when you aren't being hit by a truck the road is the best place in the world to be


Are you racist?
- noo way.
What race are you?
- pinay
Do you like black people?
- well..sort of... they are people too
What do you think of when I say 'black person?'
- people who have dark skin & curly hair
What do you think of when I say 'white person?'
- they have white skin tone so what else?!
What do you think of when I say 'asian person?'
- asian people are cool!
What do you think of when I say 'mexican person?'
- i dunnoo... weird accent?
Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone of a different race?
- yah.. in online haha
Don't you think it's ignorant to think that all of one race are the same?
- well of course
What do you think the black person stereotype is?
- i don't stereotype.
What do you think the white person stereotype is?
- i hate people that stereotype.
What do you think the Jewish stereotype is?
- race has nothing to do with how a person may or may not be.
What do you think the Mexican stereotype is and the Asian stereotype is?
- everyone is one race, human.
How often do you see examples of these stereotypes?
- people who stereotype!? they are immature and ignorant!
What would you do if you met someone who didn't fit these stereotypes?
- i don't stereotype.
What do you think of the KKK?
- whats a kkk?

What religion are you?
- roman catholic
What do you think when you meet someone who is a different religion?
- doesnt matter to me as long as you don't push your beliefs on me or tell me i'm wrong with what i believe.
What do you think of Christian people?
- well.. they are religous
What do you think of Satanists?
- they dont have a LIFE!

What is your sexuality?
- straight female.
What do you think of gay marriages?
- ewwwww....!!! i think its super yuckky!
What do you think of homophobic people?
- ignorance has a limit!... and ive reached my limit... so therefore i think im 100% against it!
What do you think of gay bashings?
- needs to stop.
Do you have any homosexual friends?
- nope
When 2 people of the same sex are kissing, what do you do?
- well honestly i think they dont have a LIFE! and too bored to realize they are doing something stupid
What do you think?
- i think its abnormal
Are all people not equal?
- yeah
Do you like labels?
- hell no.
Do you label yourself?
- no, but other people label me.
Do you label others?
- nah!..
What gender are you?
- female.
What is it like to be of that gender?
- i wouldn't know considering i've been this way my whole life. i can't really compare the two.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
- a woman who has found a way out of sadness and into the world of the dreams
Have you ever been discriminated because of your gender?
- nooo!
What do you think of feminism?
- well....they do female stuffs like shopping?

Let's say you met the coolest person you can ever meet in your life online.
You decide to meet this person, and they are black. What do you think?
- i wouldnt meet someone online.. cause who knows?! it might be a CON! or something.. you cant really tell... they are hiding behind there computer and talking crap.. well if its a black person... im completely turned off.. not because i discriminate.. i prefer going out with my own race
Have you ever been discriminated because of your race, religion, or sex?
- absolutely all people disrminate
What do you think of this quiz?
- its something weird
Do you think you are open-minded?
- yeah
What state/province do you live in?
- iligan city
Do you call things gay?
- not really
Have you ever called someone a homo or a fag?
- nah!

Scenario: your friend puts you on a 3 way conversation with their friend from another school. This person talks very proper, no certain accent. You want to meet your friend's friend in reality because they seem so cool.
You see the person in real life, and they are black. Truly, honestly, what do you think when you see them?

- why does this whole thing revolve around being black? do YOU have a problem with BLACK PEOPLE?! well... its okay gaining a friend isnt a crime
Give some final opinions in relation to this survey: its something revovling around black people
Do you like rock music?
- nope
Do you like rap music?
- sometimes
What do you think about people like Martin Luther King and Ghandi?- well i think they are history
Why does race matter?
- no, it doesn't

will change my blogskin.. cause it isnt compatible with mozilla firefox

my ate's arrival

today's the arrival of my ate from the philippines.. & i will be expecting my pasalubongs

so cant wait!! haha... anyway... already have created a new account in blogskins ..

so far my 1st account last 2007: skrpbuk08
2nd account was: misery!chronicle

my 3rd in now: -anonymous- sorry cant tell

i just cant believe it that ive actually edited my PROFILE PAGE IN BLOGSKINS! wooh! it isnt that hard .. hehe ive edited it from some tutorial i found in forums.... i think ive cracked my noggin from studing all that htmls from scratch its really a good practice since in our senior high we will have WEB DESIGNING!!! i am so EXCITED!


Wordpress 2.5

yahoo! ive downloaded the wordpress 2.5 @ wordpress.org i've never thought wordpress blog was to be downloaded..

wordpress.com is also a free blog but if you want to edit the CSS part you have to pay

damn this SHIT! ill what now if i already installed it?!

anyway! forget it! im in with this blogger instead..

IM dead bored

yah know what bored people do?? they KILL!!
thats right! they KILL you with a dagger! stab your chest righ into your heart!
im gonna KILL YOU! RAWR!

haha.. just kidding..

im watching the trailer of It Started With A Kiss season 2.. and i though Wang zi was the leading guy there.. hmpft.. the guy leading now in ISWAK is damn ugly (for me) like what the hell i could smack his face or something!

then... instead.. i watch coffee prince... and the site im watching now is super damn laggy.. and when i transfer to crunchyroll it was dob by chinese!!! & they sound really FUNNY! and its no fun to watch.. then so i transfer to mysoju.com instead.. cause i got nothing to do *sigh*


im gonna create a new blogskin account
watch the whole episodes of Coffee Prince and Brown Sugar Macchiato


ive got myself a xanga... but im not gonna use it haha... just one click away... dunno how to click?
use your index finger when holding the mouse..