whats happened to blogskins now??? its damn polluted! polluted with hideaous, crapped up skins and no-effort skin...... so many relink skins that so boring with just a font and honestly theres really no effort and some skins are half ripped...


if they dont know how to make one.... i mean if they think its lame or something they even dont wanna use cause its made by some crap.. why do they have to submit it!!! they are totally out of their minds! completely out of their rocking chair

PS i dont mean to be harsh or something

anyway... watch this video... so damn hilarious!!!!!

by: valentine hasan

it should be "without you" by mariah carey instead she pronounced it wrong haha but from all her mistakes she got so famous in youtube.com and everywhere .... well honestly i enjoy watching this

valentina has improved her english KEN LEE

im so knocked out! she is worser than janina!! haha

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