as you can see.. i have here another blog layout... made by me unless stated in the credits.. i get the picture @ enakei.. well so much to tell.. im a full time blogskinner and all i ever dreamt of was to be a professional web designer .. my parents said were going to korea next month.. and i was like so darn shocked!!.. but unfortunetly.. im so tired right now... so dont want to come.. maybe just my mom and dad.... but if the stick revolves around then i shall go..

here are some pictures i get in Blythe Zoo

gosh! i so wanna have these.. THEY ARE SO KAWAII!!!! i wanna have these!
i better start online shopping!

they have these OVERSEAS orders so when i got back in philippines.. i sure am gonna order these!! nyahaha! nobodies gonna stop me!

i just love that doll shoes! i want the black & pink one

wahhh!! i want these pedal



i wanna have this bag before school starts haha..

Be Two spree

these shorts are LOVELY! so kawaii!

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