3 days


3 more days to go huhuhu T___T ... btw before i leave out of country for 1 week... lemme say my few regards here.. read it from the heart and not from the mind... cause thats what im doing now

To: Tasneem aka Azka

thanks a lots for that cinnamon and the gift.. im like so suprised you came knocking in my door with a box and food in hand ... i read your letter thnx for that, thats the first time in this School YEAR i recieve a letter from a thoughtful friend like you...
want you to know... dont change yourself and always be YOU! be yourself and dont follow everyones critics. stand up for that truth no matter what.. *im soo patethic hoho*

btw i like the message of your letter the one written in a stationary ^_^
ill post it in ipsa link... and spread the secret haha.. if ever lng nmn

thankz also for being one of my close friends... being there for me when i need help like my problems in chem or geo haha JOKE! problems like something.. dunnno.... even thou i dont share any of my problems i know your always there for me

okay... take care always...

aja fighting!

To: Bhezzi aka lorraine

huhuhu.... i cried so much when you left you dont know that do you... thats b'coz i dont show emotions like everyone do...

just want you to know thank you SOO MUCH! for being there for me... we laugh at small things, we share different secrets and have almost everything in common... nagkkintindihn tayo na hndi na iintindihan ng iba ..
remember the time when we pretend to be rockstars at the corner (2nd year) listening to best friends forever by puffy amy yumi, we bang out heads and played that song so many times, we were the guitarist and i pretend to be a drummist and everyone goes like and practically we didnt care even if we look pretty much embarrased to be humiliated ...

and we did SOMETHING STUPID! that we regret and thinking it would last forever.. when we uuhmmm.. you know haha... we make converse looking stupid and he actually fell for it haha... we laugh so HARD our sides split hoho.. that you are a ... what you call that again... haaha... pshycic is it? haha.. and finally that thing is over and finally we've moved on.. so hows that for our first stupid thing we did haha..

thankyou for being my BEST FRIEND in this world and even were far away from each other i hope you wont forget me and our friendship.. and i know we'll see each other someday

thank you for the laughs and memories you gave...ill never forget you.
good luck in your part time job! hunt some leng zai guys there! woooots! haha

jia yo!

PS i miss you so much
hope you wont lost that friendship necklace ^_^

To: Isabel

i know you wont be able to read this cause you dont have an internet connection or something... but i hope someone will pass this message to you...

i wanna thank you for being there for me and sit beside me when tasnem was gone.. i appreciate you for comforting me and making me laugh when i am sad...
i still remeber the words you said to me and ill never forget that..

just want you to know that it never bugs me when you call and keep calling me at home sharing me your most happinest moments with manfuel

just be strong and hope your fights with toot and toot will finally come in peace

be strong always

To: Clarrence

hello... hope you'll able to read this....
and im concentrating my mind here haha..

thank you for being my friend even if we had misunderstandings and i get to much pathetic about it.... i believe in you that you could change in the bright future ! and keep looking at the positive point of view and better luck for your studies i know you can do it! believe in yourself
hope ill still see you next school year and

be more matured enough to concentrate on our studies and hope disturbance will not cross your path

To: Laila

ni hao! hope you'll read this and not fall asleep..

thank for being my friend and i wont forget that bond we have even if that big fight came...
and we arnt able to talk like we use to... i know you tired so hard to fix it and i just turned my back and left thinking that i dont care at all
but the truth is i also care, deep down in me i feel sorry for myself for losing a friend like you and hold on too much pride...
your my bestfriend for like 2 years and just a little stupid misunderstanding and its all gone...
just want you to know that i cherish every bond we have.
im just glad were friends again ...
hope we will remain good friends ..
take care always... see you next school year

To: Emerald aka i queen of java games

the first time i met you... i though your soo soo madamot and so philosopo.. and i was right! haha JOKE! when i get to know you .. your not a bad person after all.. your fun to be with. stucking your nose and play java games....

hail emerald the queen of java games

thank you so much for being my friend...
and it to it till the end! woots!
see you next school year! hope its still the emerald i know ^_^

............ at last im finish haha...

you know you're a computer addict when:

1. You refer to going to the bathroom as "downloading".
2. Your favorite bookmarks take 15 minutes to scroll from top to bottom.
3. Your eyeglasses have a web site burned in them.
4. Your day dreaming is resumed to getting a faster Internet connection: DSL, T1, T3...
5. You turn off your modem with an awful empty feeling... like you just pulled the plug on a loved one.
6. You think in bps rather than mph when you hear or read about "speed".
7. You start introducing yourself as "Jim B at WhyNet dot com".
8. You begin every conversation with "I have read on the net that...".
9. You replace your answering machine outgoing message with: "Please leave your e-mail, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible".
10. You try to enter your online password on your microwave keypad.
11. You believe the proper way to smile is tilting your head sideways.
12. You figured out the cheapest way to shop: ordering from the Internet.
13. You forget how to use real money because you are using your credit card every day for online purchases.
14. You consider that 3-4 days ground delivery is way too slow.
15. Your heart races faster and beats irregularly each time you see a new web site address in print or on TV.
16. You step out of your room, realize your loved ones moved out and you don't have a clue when that happened.
17. You turn on the intercom whenever leaving your room so you can hear when you get new e-mail.
18. All your friends have an "@" in their names.
19. When looking at a page full of someone else's links they are already all highlighted in purple.
20. Your favorite pet has its own web site, and so does your 3 months old baby.
21. You cannot stay in touch with your family because they do not have e- mail.
22. You cannot call your mother because she doesn't have a computer.
23. You check your e-mail. It says "No new messages". So you check it again... and again...
24. Your phone bill comes to your doorstep in a box.
25. You code your work assignment in HTML and give your boss the URL.
26. You don't know the sex of your 3 best friends, because they have neutral nicknames and you've never asked.
27. You have ended friendships because of irreconcilable differences of opinion about which is better... MS Windows or Linux.
28. You know the entire layout of most computing show rooms but you are unable to give anyone directions in your own home town.
29. You name your pets using initials and acronyms.
30. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stop to check your e-mail on your way back to bed.
31. You tell your kids they can't use the computer because "daddy's got work to do" but you don't even have a job.
32. You have more toys than all your kids put together.
33. You buy a "Captain Kirk" chair with a built-in keyboard and mouse.
34. You get a body tattoo that says "This body best viewed with Netscape".
35. You never have to deal with busy signals when dialing your ISP because you never log off.
36. You ask the plumber how much it would cost to replace the chair in front of your computer with a toilet seat.
37. You need 3 fans just to cool your phone line.
38. You list all your ISP/ICQ/IRC user IDs as nicknames on your resume.
39. You send an AOL trial membership as birthday gift to your friend who just moved out of state.
40. You look for a "Shut down" screen menu to turn off your TV.


you know you SPEND so much time in the computer when:

you said "delete" when you should have said "erase"


ohhh!! that stupid lil bro of mine! he actually press the X button when i should be heal when the virus entered and he wont listen to me!!!
damn hell yeah~! i wanna be admin. in this comp! my dad super strict!

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