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right now im watching Brown Sugar Macchiato episode 10! wooohh! finally
haha.. love that part of wang zi and guigui! they are cutest couple in the scene
in that episode guigui discovered she had cancer T_T and she tries hard to put on a fake smile
aiyooo. i cried so hard.. guigui quit her love to wang zi coz of that CANCER! arghhh...

this is Wang zi.. HE IS SOOOO CUTE!! love him


yehey! i got buy the Chicken Soup for the teenage soul on Love &Friendship.. well actually my parents buy it for me for SR 75

my favorite part of the story was entitled: Impossible Things can happen

im like head over heads when reading the story its like so IMPOSSIBLE!

imagine a populat guy meets a nobody-dreaming-her-crush-would-know-she-exist

heres the story get ready to buckle up you might end up flying


Somg guys in highschool are "all that". they have everything going for them; they hang out with all the right people; they have all the good looks; they are so popular, they have half the girl population in the school drooling over them; and they are totally unreachable. In so many words, that is how i would categorized Eddie. He had a great body, he was cool and i loved everything about him. I loved the way he made me feel everytime he walked by.

Most of all, I loved his bright brown eyes. He was perfect. I had a huge crush on him the moment i saw him but of course, that was he would be to me. A crush. I had always been this regular girl who just hung out with my friends during lunch, pretending not too care about anything but secretly glancing in his direction every now and then. He had always been this guy everybody knew and then. He always been the guy everybody jnew and respected. Compared to him, I felt like i was insignificant.

My best friend, Angle, Knew everything about my secret crush on him ad she would newver fail to remind me that we were not meant to be . In fact, she would remind me, if people knew that i had a crush on him they would probably laugh their brains out. it was like i was this commoner with a huge crush on my king.

Although we were formally introduced, somehow our paths crossed. He talked to me one day when we were both late for school. he said hi and asked me why i was late. naturally, i pretended to be unaffected and answered him back. After that, i headed to my class. I was happy. He had recognized me as a living, breathing object that went to the same school. If i were a gymnast, i would have done several backflips just to release this flying feeling in my chest. I mean, i already felt shivers up my spine everytime i saw him. so when he spoke to me it felt like someone had just poured a glass of cold water on my head.

After that incident, we casually chatted when we would see each other during lunch. Nothing personal, just some small talk that would last for a minute or two. although we were talking and all, i could never imagine myself being his girlfriend. Pigs would fly before anything like that would ever happen to me.

One day, Angela's cousin from abroad came to vusut her. She would be staying with Angela for a week. her name was Tasha. We were introduced, and i liked her immediately. She was nice, funny, totally cool and model back home. she had beautiful blue eyes and, well. i just had eyes. There was nothing to hate about her. Angela and i both loved hanging out with her so much that i finally suggected that she join is in school one time. Unknowingly, I initiated my own suffering.

When we went to school with her the next day, everybody was looking. She had those foreign looks and well, she was a model. Everything was fine untile she saw Eddie. Guess what?
She decided that she had a crush on him too. Worse, she wanted to date him. she asked me to introduce them. i felt i had no other choice. i introduced them and told Eddite that she wanted to go out with him. To my disgust, he willingly agreed. i could have strangled myself.

So they went out and i foun out the next day that they had kissed. i can still feel the stabbing feeling in my chest when i found out. i couldnt believe that "my guy" was with this girl who liked him for just a second when i had been dreaming of him forever. it was unfiar that she got to kiss him, and i didnt even get to tell him how i gelt i was too hurt to cry.

The day Tasha was leaving to go back hom, Angela decided to stay at home and spend some time with her. i went to school. at the end of the day, Eddie approached me and asked if i could take him over to see Tasha before she left. after some persuasuion, i finally gave in. but he would not be delivered to my rival without a cost. i got hin his car and gabe him directions to angela's house, making sure he took the longest way posstivle to get there. when we were nearing the house i retended to be lost and i led him around i circles untile he almost ran out of gas.

After talking and hugging and sayin good-bye to Tasha )although i liked her a lot, i was secretly glad to see her go), it was time for us to leave. Eddie offered to take me home and this time i gave him better direction. What a lame way to get even.
After Tasha left, Eddie and i were closer. We would go out sometimes adn share more than just mall talk. he would even join us for lunch sometimes. i now know why he was so popular. he was incredibly nice and absolutely fun to be with. i found myself falling for him more and more each say. several times i wanted to let him know that i too, wanted to date him. maybe i would get a kiss, too.

One day he asked Angela and me to go to the mall. Angela never showed up so Eddie and I hung out by ourselves. I was overwhelmed. Deep inside i was tahnking Angela for not making it. It was almost liek a date, only he didnt know it. He asked me if i wantted to see a movie. i said yes. Mt heart was pounding . I swear he could hear it as we sat beside each other. i couldnt help but think of what it would be like if he knew that i liked him. i felt so strongly about him and something inside me felt like he had to know. Since words are always so awkward for me i decided that i wouldn't tell him; i would just kiss him. i gathered up all my strength and took a deep breath. i leaned on him alittle and he didnt seem to mind. i slowly face him tp plant my tremblin gips on his cheek. when i lookd at him, i was surpries that he was looking at me too. i was so newvous, i coujld have choked on my own tongue. the suddenly, he kissed me. i must have looked really stupid beacause i had my eyes open the entire time. i was in heaven.

I found out later that Eddie had like me even before he met Tasha. He admitted to me that he never had the courage to let me know because he never though i would like him, especially after i had introduced him to Tasha/ Eddite and I have been together for almost four years now, and everything is still like brand-new. Not bad for two people who thought they would bever be together.
Surely, impossible things do happen

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