cob webs and spiders

So, i have been receiving mails about not updating my blog. yeah, i really feel sorry for my blog now.

I've been neglecting her but still, i have a lot of reasons why i didn't update.

first. I'm kinda busy will college and all that crap
second. I have a lot of homework, quiz, unfinished thesis and lots of reporting stuffs
third. I'm lazy

speaking of the second reason. i got a freakin' report tomorrow and honestly i'm not prepared at all... but who gives a shit.

my professor doesn't give a crap about anything. I mean she is like so f*cking boring! i mean.... SOOOO BOOORRRRIING!

yeah... all caps

make me want to cut her class every time it's her subject, i have this feeling about going to the restroom and never go back again.

i saw one girl fall asleep in her class like really sleeping which includes snoring and making her bag like a pillow and i can even see her mouth open and my professor just look at her and psshhh... said nothing

well yeah.... some of my friends considered us lucky since their professor on the same subject as ours is one terror one..... like anything you possible can't imagine.

oh well... my sister always said that i should get used to it.....

basically, professors in college doesn't give a damn unlike highschool

p/s: have you seen the new vaio laptop which has the windows 7 in it!! DAMN!!! that is one gorgeous laptop! i mean.... i love everything about it! from the keyboard to the design of the lappy!!

its so freakin' gorgeous!!!

okay... i think this ends here... bye everyone!

hope you all living well o(^_^)o

buy me in ffs! hahaha!! HEHEHE =^.^=

almost forgot. i'm using google chrome right now. and my blog layout is screwed in this browser but it is still readable. mozilla firefox is awesome! but still i don't know what it looks like in internet explorer..


Tips on blogging

1. NEVER ever put an auto-play music with 0px height and width.

Why? it would drive your readers off especially if they have zero interest in the music you put in your blog

2. Don't put too much javascripts. It would make your site load slower.
3. Simple coded layouts are better than super-heavy-image layout
4. If you want to attract more readers. Don't always blog about your life nobody's interested especially if they don't know you


today i woke up then sleep again cause i'm so sleepy. then wake up again around 6 o'clock then brush my teeth then took a shower then off to school. Chatted with some of my friends then go to the canteen ordered something. around 4pm i went to the mall to shop some clothes then saw my friends and we talk a lot. went back home then mom was there and made me a Halloween cake which is good cause it taste really nice. then i brush my teeth, do my homework then went to bed. Dreamed about ghosts and stuff. bye

see how boring it looks.

5. Make your site more interesting to read. bold underline strike italics the words you want to emphasize.
6. Don't expose too much of yourself online. You would never know who visits your blog.

-this picture is suppose to be funny! hahaha :))

Spending habits

i have this really bad spending habits.

Yesterday, i went to the mall to buy a shirt (which i was really sticking to it cause i'm on a budget) then as expected i bought some more stuffs than just a shirt.

It's really hard for me to control my cravings. If anyone has the same problem as me then welcome to the group hahaha...

i would be happy to hear advices from you guys.

p/s happy belated birthday to my dad!! and my bestie - Taz and my little brother who's celebrating his b-day on Nov 14



yesterday has been a really fun day for me! i sit-in at my friend's class during fil time! whhoooop! their class is so much fun then ours.

maybe because almost all of my 1st term blockmates are there...

hahaha... this is so random...
i have so much a lot of plans for the month of December.

- i'm planning to dye my hair light ash brown
- or perhaps buy contact lenses (green) ^_^
- buy hair extensions if possible *t0inks*

thats all for now...


starbucks planner 2010

I'm so excited to get my hands on the new limited edition Starbucks planner for 2010 !!! i so like the planner! its better than last year cause last year's planner is just plain red

so anyways. yup! I'm on full-on-coffee-drinking machine! HAHAHA!

in fact! i really love the "TOFFEE NUT" be it in iced or frappe cause its really really tasty ! and its like only available during the months of Christmas.

Sometimes when i have this craving thingy. I always ask myself - "Do i really need this? or Do i just want it?"

"Am i gonna be using it?" "Is it really worth it?"

and my answer to all the questions is..........


quite shocking how i don't really know. I have this feeling that i need it cause it might be helpful sometime & this feeling that the planner is just so gorgeous for me to resist and i just want it.....

But before you could get the planner.. you have to complete the wish's stickers.. something that looks like this.

& p/s: just bought 2 grande toffee nut frappe! *YUM* and my sister is playing for it bwahahaha!

pp/s: OSL hits 200 followers?!! thank you for being a reader and follower of my blog! & thanks for all the support! hope you'll continue on reading ! without you guys i don't think i'll have what i have right now. I must say my followers and my readers are my motivation and inspiration to blog. thanks to everyone!

ppp/s: will link the pending link exchanges later ^^


fooling around...

uhhhhh..... seriously?? i just left my yahoo msg for like 3 minutes then when i look back i saw my sis hiding a laugh then i ask her what's so funny and she said


when i look at my yahoo msg. pssshh.. i should have known!! then i keep screaming my head off out of embarrassment hahahhaa!! but i was laughing all the way and so is my sister...

i just though it was really funny

& p/s: that status message is not true! i love caramel frappe & Toffee Nut



............... i feel really distant :(


new layout !

woop! i love my new layyie !!! yeah hehe... its pretty obvious i'm obsess with scrapbook style blog layouts like my past layout haha!

so today, me and my sister watch "Jennifer's Body" which by the way the leading actress would be Megan Fox.

its a pretty awesome movie!

but the funny thing was when my sister got shocked at a certain scene then she jumped at the seat then the popcorns went flying out of the bucket then all over my sister! hahaha! ~ yeah im serious...

then whenever i think about it! i just can't help but laugh hahaha!!!

P/S my sister is just so paranoid